Wellness advice marketplace banks $1 million Seed round

- March 5, 2024 < 1 MIN READ
Anni cofounders Timothy Smith and Anna and Diranne Lee-Renwick
Anni cofounders Timothy Smith and Anna and Diranne Lee-Renwick
Wellbeing expert advice marketplace Anni has banked $1 million in a Seed raise just five months after launching.

The round has backed by several unnamed high net worth individuals and family funds and will be used to build out the wellbeing platform in areas such as online video consults, digital goods and distributed cross-platform on-demand advice.

The online health and wellness advice marketplace launched in October 2023 with Diranne Lee-Renwick, Anna Lee-Renwick and Timothy Smith as cofounders.

Diranne, Anni’s CEO, was previously a founding partner in Harvest Technology Group which became a global technology business within two years with a $220 million market cap in 2021.

He said they wanted to empower professionals with the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge in a simple, intuitive way.

“Australians are languishing on specialist waiting lists for months or years waiting for appointments, a problem we know is significantly compounded in regional areas where access and availability is localised,” Lee-Renwick said.

“With our deep understanding of technology and a commitment to fostering meaningful human connections, we’re revolutionising access to specialist advice in Australia and, ultimately, globally.”

The marketplace uses AI to facilitate ‘human intelligence’ and democratise specialist access to advice.

There are now more than 250 experts on the platform who set them own rates and availability.

Lee-Renwick said their combined availability is more than 16,000 hours weekly – the equivalent of 11 hrs, six days a week. They offer paid personalised video micro-consults and the startup is looking to add digital goods and distributed on-demand advice to the offering.