Here are the 10 startups climate tech accelerator EnergyLab selected for its scaleup program

- June 27, 2023 3 MIN READ
The EnergyLab 2023 scaleup program cohort
The EnergyLab 2023 scaleup program cohort meeting online

EnergyLab has chosen six Australian climate tech startups in a cohort of 10 for its latest scaleup program

Now in its fourth year, the industry-led EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program helps the startups involved develop initiatives to fast-track decarbonisation of the grid.

The program offers startups the chance to collaborate with Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative energy companies; alongside investors and mentors. the program will support the ten startups to unlock their next wave of growth.

EnergyLab CEO, Megan Fisher said the cohort spans autonomous grid-monitoring robotics and advanced materials to software solutions that can improve grid efficiencies, reduce grid bottlenecks, and enable personalised energy purchasing, these startups represent the best in innovative technologies across the energy sector.

“The energy transition needs global collaboration to succeed and with startups as far away as Spain, London and San Francisco joining this program, we can’t wait to see the local and global projects that result,” she said.

“This program’s secret sauce is the chance for the startups to build relationships with each other, with industry partners, with investors and mentors in an intimate and collaborative setting.”

The startups will deepen their relationships with Endeavour Energy and Amber, an EnergyLab alumni, as well as other innovative energy companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Endeavour’s chief customer & strategy officer, Leanne Pickering, said the program critical as Australia’s energy system transitions.

“As a partner for the third consecutive year in Energy Lab’s Scaleup Program, Endeavour Energy is committed to supporting innovation and embracing new ideas and technology,” she said.

“This dynamic partnership will help challenge us to keep thinking outside the box so we can deliver affordable and reliable energy solutions for our customers. This year we’ll be focusing on initiatives to help decarbonise the grid and we can’t wait to see the great ideas generated from this collaboration.”

One of the Australian companies in the cohort is Energy Synapse, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps for project developers and investors find opportunities in the grid for utility-scale renewables and storage.

Energy Synapse managing director Marija Petkovic said the challenge is to find the opportunities in the market.

“Australia needs huge investment in large-scale renewables and storage to fill the gaps that will be left by retiring coal and to meet new demand from electrification and green hydrogen,” she said.

“Energy Synapse is thrilled to be working with EnergyLab to scale our analytics platform to help more energy companies make faster and more profitable investment decisions.”

EnergyLab’s 2023 Scaleup Program cohort is:

  • Accurassi (Aus) – the leading acquisition toolset for the new net-zero energy market.
  • ALD Technical Solutions (USA) – empowering  the grid through advanced composite material and solutions.
  • Alternative Energy Innovations (Aus) – providing intelligent behind the meter solutions for that automate, optimise, and integrate process operations with energy cost dynamics.
  • Energy Synapse (Aus) – a SaaS platform that makes it easy for project developers and investors to understand wholesale electricity markets and to find the best spots in the grid for utility-scale renewables and storage.
  • Enerza (Canada) – the first in the world to provide a conditional risk assessment tool to electrical utility providers through autonomous on-wire robotic monitoring.
  • IND Technology (Aus) – revolutionises power transmission and distribution network maintenance with cutting-edge proven predictive systems.
  • My Solar Manager (Aus) – an AI and IoT powered management system for solar PV projects, battery systems, virtual power plants and microgrids
  • Plexigrid -(Sweden)  – a software solutions that enable operators of electricity distribution grids to run their grid more efficiently, solve capacity bottlenecks, integrate more renewables and reduce grid costs for consumers.
  • PowerPlay (Aus) – delivering the benefits of the cheap renewable energy in the grid each day to homes that cannot install solar panels.
  • Oaktree Power (UK) – a leading climate tech startup headquartered in London, OakTree Power partners with global grid operators to enable the ongoing transition towards the fully sustainable electricity system of the future. Our mission leads us to collaboratively empower our clients to reduce their CO2 emissions while earning significant annual recurring revenues and benefitting from a wide array of net-zero opportunities.

EnergyLab has now supported over 160 startups and 125 aspiring founders through its various programs, which include the Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship; the Climate Tech Ignite Program supporting aspiring and early-stage founders to generate, test and launch their startup idea; the Climate Solutions Accelerator helping startups deploy their solutions; the Scale Up Program for later stage clean energy startups; Supercharge Australia a joint program with New Energy Nexus to build the lithium battery value chain startup innovation ecosystem and a climate focused angel investor network.

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