Money Milestones event

Ask any successful startup founder and they’ll tell you it didn’t happen overnight. It took countless hours, days, months, maybe even years to nail the idea, stick the landing, and hit crucial money milestones that make or break a business.

Startup Daily and SAP® Concur® are bringing you a panel with some of Australia’s most successful tech founders to see how they went from breaking even to breaking it big. Host Simon Thomsen will be joined by Mike Smith, founder of Zero Co, Saskia Albers, COO and co-founder of Unhedged, and Julie Stevanja, co-founder of Her Black Book.

Join our MONEY MILESTONES webinar
1:00PM-2:00PM Wednesday 25 May

Have you ever wondered how money works when you're a startup? Money Milestones is here to find out. In this one-hour informative webinar event, you'll find out:

How the best-of-the-best funded their startups from the very beginning

How to know your sales strategy has legs

How to move from bootstrapping your business to finding your dream investors

How to manage your company costs as you grow bigger and better

Simon Thomsen, Startup Daily Editor
Simon Thomsen
Editor, Startup Daily

Simon is editor of Startup Daily, host of the Startup Daily show, 2-2.40pm weekdays on the business streaming service, and presenter of weekly podcast. He is also an investor in early-stage startups.

Mike Smith Zero Co
Mike Smith
Founder, Zero Co

Mike Smith is an entrepreneur, adventurer and not-for-profit founder. Over the past 15years he’s founded three startups in the surfing, wine and sustainability arenas and built two schools in Myanmar. Mike Smith's most recent venture - Zero Co - aims to solve the global plastic problem through large scale ocean clean-ups and a closed-loop solution for personal-care and home-cleaning products.

Julie Stevanja - Her Black Book
Julie Stevanja
Co-founder, Her Black Book

After co-founding cult activewear destination Stylerunner in 2012, Julie Stevanja launched a curated shopping and discovery app, Her Black Book in November 2021, followed by a $1.6 million raise in seed funding three months later.

Saskia Albers
Saskia Albers
COO and co-founder, Unhedged

As COO of Unhedged, Saskia has built a business that allows everyday investors to access sophisticated algorithmic investment products. Unhedged is a super-simple app that shakes up the wealth investment industry with AI/ ML powered investing.