Women in tech

A new podcast, Emerging Tech Unpacked, hopes to show women the pathway into STEM

- March 13, 2024 2 MIN READ
Lucy Lin
Lucy Lin
Women make up just 27% of the STEM sector workforce across all STEM industries, and as they climb the leadership ranks, that number begins to drop to 23% of senior management and 8% of CEOs.

On average, women still earn 18% less than men across all STEM industries.

So a new podcast by Sydney tech and innovation educator Lucy Lin, Emerging Tech Unpacked, launching to coincide with International Women’s Day is hoping to demystify the sector and encourage more women to be a part of it.

Emerging Tech Unpacked will feature episodes that deep-dive into topics such as generative AI, 3D bioprinted organs, transhumanism, cybersecurity, blockchain and renewable energy while also tackling the issue of gender disparity in STEM.

Lin said she wants to cut through the noise and debunk the myths, dissecting hot-button issues around different technologies, and shine a spotlight on the influential women propelling STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into the future.

“The podcast is educational first and will build a community of like-minded people who value optimistic tech and inspirational storytelling about diverse leaders,” she said.

“We aim to debunk emerging technologies in a jargon-free and authentic manner and tell the inspirational stories and career pathways of incredible women in STEM.”

Lin points to recent figures that show women only make up 36% of enrolments in university STEM courses, and just 16% of enrolments in vocational STEM courses.

“On average, women still earn 18% less than men across all STEM industries,” she said.

“This stark gender gap remains a significant barrier for STEM industries, limiting the diverse perspectives and unique contributions that women can bring to the forefront of emerging technologies.”

Lin argues there’s a trio of challenges hindering the broader understanding of emerging technologies.

“First, the fear of change inhibits many from embracing new tech due to uncertainties about its impact on their lives and careers. Second, the perceived complexity of deep tech discussions discourages engagement, with feedback suggesting that these topics are often technical, jargon-laden and consequently, unappealing,” she said.

“Third, the lack of relatability in the tech landscape is exacerbated by the recurring representation of a narrow segment of the population in discussions. Emerging Tech Unpacked aims to dismantle these barriers through accessible, engaging, and relatable content.”

As a result, she’s set up Emerging Tech Unpacked to tackle each topic across two episodes. The first provides an overview, while the second delves deeper through interviews with diverse experts, offering insights, stories and narratives to resonate with a broader audience.

She also wants to make it a community.

“The podcast actively seeks audience involvement, encouraging viewers and listeners to suggest topics and be part of the ongoing conversation,” Lin said.

“The website, emergingtechunpacked.com, serves as a central hub for the latest episodes, detailed technology insights, incoming community forum and opportunities for collaboration, sponsorship, and guest speaking engagements.”

The podcast will be officially launched this Thur, March 14, at Launch Pad Parramatta at the Western Sydney University, from 5.30pm. You can book to be a part of it here.