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Why you need to have your say on the future of Australian tech in the Startup Muster survey

- August 3, 2023 < 1 MIN READ
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Who cares about a survey?

If you’re running a startup in Australia, or supporting startups in Australia, you should care, and here’s why.

Ten years ago, Startup Muster was founded with a mission to measure and publish the progress, challenges, and opportunities within the Australian startup ecosystem, in order to demonstrate and accelerate progress.

It’s been five years since the last Startup Muster survey in 2018, and in that time the survey’s results has helped steer hundreds of millions of dollars of support and investment into Australian startups.

At least 43 different government departments downloaded the 2018 report, with Austrade downloading the most, using it to help people overseas understand what’s happening in Australia. It was attached to job offers from a big tech company in Sydney to help justify the relocation of tech talent to Sydney.

The 2018 report was downloaded over 30,000 times and its 30 pages of data on Australian startups are a trove for anyone trying to understand what’s happening in technology-enabled Australian startups.

But a lot has changed in the last five years and we need a current picture of what the landscape and current experience of Australian startups is like. 

How has the pandemic impacted Australian startups, and how have office preferences changed?

How are your talent needs changing, and how is AI being adopted? What’s the fundraising landscape like today, and how has customer acquisition channels shifted?

With just a few days left to have your say, make sure your startup or startup support organisation is represented and complete the survey today. 

Head to startupmuster.com, and thanks in advance for helping us to help Australia’s startup ecosystem.

The survey runs until Sunday, August 6.