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By the Tot Tok team

Early childhood is perhaps the most important period for learning and development. There has been enough research to suggest that if children miss out on the opportunity for quality early education, they are more likely to fall behind later in life. Unfortunately, in such cases, there are no do-overs.

According to a recent census conducted by the Australian Government, it was found that more than one in five children are developmentally vulnerable as they begin school. The census also found gaps in children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental milestones as they began school. The Australian Department of Education and Training views early childhood as one of the most important areas of focus. Certain directives and guidelines enforced by the Department make it mandatory for early childcare centres to log certain details of a child’s day.

Always passionate about education, Tot Tok founder Ankita Mehta recognised the need for quality care and early intervention in the early childhood space during a routine interaction with her three year old cousins and their parents. With today’s busy lifestyles, how can working parents ensure that their children get the adequate care and attention they deserve? How could childcare centres personalise their curriculum to address the unique developmental needs of each child in their formative years?

Tot Tok, a Sydney-based company, is a child-centric platform that focuses on enabling parents and educators to provide children with inspiring and engaging learning experiences that fits with their individual needs. The platform provides features to monitor and track a child’s development and progress through powerful data analytics and real-time updates empowering educators to deliver personalised learning relevant to each child.

Mehta said, “At Tot Tok, we are passionate about making sure that every child gets the right head-start. Our intuitive platform empowers educators and parents to provide quality care and learning, through data driven and strength-based insights on each child. We believe that the tool will not only make programming easier, but also free up a significant portion of educators’ time, which they can then spend with the children at the centre.”

Tot Tok has received an excellent response from several childcare centres across Australia and is now looking to expand globally, with interest also coming from India. India has a huge childcare market which is growing rapidly, with more than 160 million children aged 5 or below, out of which approximately 10 million attend early childcare programmes.

There is increasing demand for quality Early Childhood care which can be attributed to reduced child mortality, young affluent families, and emerging trends of nuclear and double-income families especially in the metropolitan and urban areas. Further, early education is certainly one of the most potent tools for poverty alleviation – quality early education has proven to break the cycle of disadvantage in poor families.

At Tot Tok, we are keen to make an impact on the lives of children around the world. Especially in countries like India, a platform such as ours can substantially help improve the quality of education and significantly benefit the next generation. We are excited about the Indian market – an increasingly tech-savvy customer base, and the focus shifting more and more towards quality over quantity.  Tot Tok aims to revolutionise early education in India over the coming years, introducing global best practices in early childhood across the country.

Tot Tok is also supported by UNSW Innovations, the technology transfer office at UNSW Australia. As part of UNSW Innovations, Tot Tok joins a group of leading-edge companies, and will receive access to advice and mentorship from successful technologists, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from the UNSW network.

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