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Zibra is a smart digital wallet that consolidates all your existing cards

- January 14, 2022 3 MIN READ
Zibra co-founders Trina Ray Choudhury and Elliot Braham. 
People have wallet overload. Most of us have multiple cards and accounts; business, personal, joint account, investments, home loans, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty and rewards just to name a few. 

With the rise of contactless transactions, Zibra co-founders Trina Ray Choudhury and Elliot Braham realised there was a huge opportunity to automate the way people make payments to help take control and save while you spend. 

Zibra is a smart digital wallet that consolidates all of your existing cards, allowing you to pay through just one card every time. 

Choudhury says Zibra will seamlessly select the best payment method every time you spend and deliver personalised recommendations that help you get the most out of every purchase.

“You can download the Zibra card to your phone’s wallet, and link all your various bank cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and rewards programs. Then, you just use your Zibra card to pay for everything in-store or online, and we automatically route it to the best funding source for that transaction” she says. 

“For example, if you’re wanting to maximise your rewards point, or minimise your interest repayments, or even if you need to spend a certain amount on a card for bonus points – it will always use the best card to make sure you get those benefits.

“If you often switch between a personal card and a business card, it will route it to the right card based on your criteria. So it removes that decision making every time you pay for something. You will also be able to switch the card you paid with up to 30 days after the transaction.” 

Choudhury says that Zibra uses AI so you don’t have to think about which cards you’re needing to use whenever you make a purchase. 

“We also have the capability to be across any merchant offers or deals that certain cards or accounts have, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your spending. We also aggregate all the points and discounts and we’ll have various partnerships with cashback, and loyalty programs to automatically apply the best discount, the highest cashback and loyalty rewards. We take care of the end-to-end transaction,” she says. 

“Every time you buy something you’re maximising the value of that transaction without ever having to think about it.” 

One of the biggest challenges for the Zibra team has been developing trust. 

“Elliot has a background in fintech and software development. In terms of the technical side, he knows how to build it, having established two payments businesses before,” says Choudhury. 

“The challenge that we’ve faced has been more so around building trust. At the moment this is still a new product, so I will be working on brand awareness and getting to know our customers. We want people to know that we are not another banking product, we don’t hold your money. We’re simply trying to make the best spending decisions for you based on your unique habits. 

“We are completely independent and not partnering with financial institutions, we’re purely an over-the-top, agnostic layer.” 

Zibra has been working with Antler, where they met and launched the business. 

“Anter has been fantastic,” says Choudhury. “We have dedicated coaches who help us with key decision making, investor relations, and introductions to the right people in the industry. There are masterclasses that are a crash course in building a business and you can use the Antler network to test ideas or products to get things done very quickly.”

Going forward, Choudhury believes Zibra will help people effortlessly optimise many different areas of their financial lives. 

“At Zibra, we want everyone to experience the strength and certainty that comes from having unique insights that drive better decisions,” she says. 

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