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Female-led startup The OneTwo launches its tech solution for bad bras

- February 16, 2023 2 MIN READ
The OneTwo founders Margo Balch and Maria Golushko
The OneTwo founders Margo Balch and Maria Golushko
The OneTwo is an online customised underwear startup that fits women in correctly sized bras. Their research shows that 80% of women are in discomfort due to the bra they wear.

They are providing a tech solution to solve this problem and are on a mission to disrupt the global bra industry, which is projected to be worth US$46.5 billion by the end of 2031.

The fashion tech platform is backed by prominent investors, including Antler Venture Capital and angels from Atlassian, McKinsey, Airbnb, and Who Gives a Crap. They have also secured a partnership with the podcast – LadyBrains.

Cofounders Margot Balch and Maria Golushko, bring a wealth of experience in tech, e-commerce, and fashion. Margot was part of the original team that launched The ICONIC, while Maria previously co-founded a New York-based e-commerce fashion business.

Their story started with a Kickstarter campaign that achieved $100,000 in sales in just 30 days from women keen to experience the customised offering.

OneTwo found that  77% of women say they are uncomfortable in their bras, and 72% have issues with their bra straps falling off or digging in.

Balch believes most women suffer in silence when it comes to the comfort of their underwear.

The two women are trying to change this by applying their new technology-driven solution – an online fit algorithm, providing wear tips and a better size diagnosis to select more comfortable underwear.

“I’m a huge believer in the power of technology in solving complex problems. It is disappointing that 77 percent of Australian women suffer discomfort, including neck, back, and breast pain,” Balch said.

“That is why we have spent the past two years working on an innovative technology solution, which combines the best of both form and innovation.”

After months of wear, they have optimised the fit and comfort of their bras to ensure that women have the best fit possible.

Cofounder Maria Golushko feels that, in a way, they are building their own data ecosystem, and women across the country are contributing to solving the problem.

“I also feel proud to be a female-led start-up with our combined experience in fashion, e-commerce, and customer experience. Typically, traditional bras and most tech fashion start-ups are run by men, which seems counterintuitive, but may be part of why the industry is at such a mismatch with what Australian women need.” she said.

The OneTwo prioritises sustainable practices in their business, from production to packaging. They use a proprietary fabric made from a by-product of organic cotton production that would otherwise go to waste and process it sustainably, resulting in a breathable, sweat-wicking, cool-to-touch fabric.

This innovative approach helps them create a high-quality product without compromising sustainability.

The organisation also wants to ensure it gives back to women in the community. The name The OneTwo comes from their commitment that every bra sold will see two pairs of briefs donated to women fleeing domestic violence.

  • Key facts:
    ● 8 out of 10 Australian women wear the wrong bra size
    ● 77% of women say they are also uncomfortable in their bra
    ● 72% have issues with their bra straps falling off or digging in
    ● 40% of women say they are in actual pain when wearing their current bra
    ● After using the OneTwo virtual fit concierge, 84% of women changed their size