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Why tech jobs are best if you’re looking for a new career

- February 21, 2022 2 MIN READ
Tech Council of Australia CEO Kate Pounder
A new report from the Tech Council of Australia (TCA) reveals the tech industry is fast becoming the sector of choice for people looking to kick-start a new career.

The report, Australia’s Tech Jobs Opportunity – Cracking the Code to Australia’s Best Jobs, highlights the unique opportunities offered by tech jobs which are diverse, flexible and well paid.

Council CEO Kate Pounder said a lot of stigma remains around working intech. We want to change the perception of what a tech job is.”

“Far from looking for ‘tech wizards’, the tech industry in Australia is looking for workers who are interested in kick-starting a new career in a well-paying job that only requires a moderate amount of vocational training,” she said

“Our research shows that tech jobs are some of the most flexible, employees in tech specific companies are 1.5x-2x more likely to work remotely than tech employees working in non-tech specific companies.”

Pounder added that tech sector jobs are also more secure than many others, with rate of people no longer working after 8 years 4.7% lower in tech than high- paying industries, and 6.2% than other industries.

“We have opportunities for those who are not university graduates noting that in our industry 42% of workers in the tech industry do not have a university qualification,” she said.

“Remuneration opportunities are also better for people without a university degree relative to comparable industries. Entrants with a VET level education face a pay gap of only around 3% relative to university graduates, compared to a 17% gap for VET graduates in comparable paying industries. “Ms Pounder said.

The research also found that public school leavers face virtually no wage gap when entering the tech sector compared to private school leavers (around 2%).  In comparable industries the gap is approximately 6%.

“There is also a tremendous opportunity for women in the technology industry. While we know we don’t get have enough female representation, women looking to forge a career in the tech sector face a much smaller gender pay gap than other industries.”

The research found that women entrants in the tech sector have a gender pay gap of around 9% compared to women entering comparable industries who face a pay gap of around 18%.

The tech sector is far more culturally diverse than any other sector in the country with 31% of workers speaking an additional language other than English.

“What we have in our industry is a trifecta, secure, well-paid, flexible jobs available to all people regardless of background or education. We want Australians to aspire to a job in our industry and we want to help them find the pathway into their career.”

The report is available for download here.

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