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Georgina Turner signs on as Tidal Ventures partner

- August 9, 2022 2 MIN READ
Georgie Turner, the latest partner at Tidal Ventures
Early stage venture capital fund Tidal Ventures has appointed Georgina Turner as Partner as the VC continues raising $80 million for its third seed-stage fund.

A former investment banker, Turner has been a principal at Tidal since 2019, leading six deals and working on more than 20 others, including exits and IPO listings.

Tidal Partner Wendell Keuneman said they are proud of her promotion to partner.

“We are proud to announce Georgie’s promotion to partner, having worked alongside her through numerous deals. She has excelled as an operator, and an investor in times of growth and adversity, and has been instrumental to Tidal’s team expansion,” he said.

“As a partner, she has sourced and acquired talent that will continue to support the end-to-end founder experience that we strive for – from initial deal sourcing, screening, investment and portfolio management. We look forward to seeing her continued growth in the Fund and building long-lasting relationships with founders and the startup ecosystem.”

The team has evolved significantly since the first Seed Fund 1 (2016), led by Murray Bleach and Grant McCarthy, joined by Wendell Keuneman two years later (2018). In 2020, Andrea Kowalski, joined Tidal Seed 2 Fund as a Partner and is now a Venture Partner. 

Turner said diversity and inclusion is built into Tidal’s DNA.

“We only select people into the fund that demonstrate curiosity and open-mindedness, which lends itself well to diversity as a natural foundation for both our team at Tidal and the founders in our portfolio,” she said.

“In previous years, capital has been abundant and cheap. Now, capital is constrained and costlier to acquire, but founders will continue to use technology to innovate and solve problems. We want to be there for the next cycle, so our team is growing and we are continuing to invest in early stage businesses. Our thesis and focus remains unchanged, we will continue to over-index on product-led founding teams with capital efficient growth models.” 

 Tidal aims to invest in 18-24 companies for Seed Fund 3 adding to an existing portfolio of 22 startups. 

Managing partner Grant McCarthy said the VC is prepared for any turbulence ahead.

“We have absolute conviction in the team and believe that we will continue to embed our collective 100+ years experience into our investment process, regardless of the ‘hype’ around the current market conditions,” he said.

“This will be the fourth ‘tech cycle’ for the Partner team at Tidal. We have invested during the Dotcom era, the Global Financial Crisis, and the short downturn in 2012. This cycle will no doubt be different for a variety of reasons including Covid, the great talent reshuffle, global supply chain issues, and a US inflation rate at a forty-year high”.