This week on SUDS, the Startup Daily TV podcast: Days of our Musk, VC red flags, how to hustle and make better board decisions

- April 14, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
EQL co-founders Patrick Donelan, Andrew Lipp and James Boysons
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The world’s greatest tech soap opera, Days of our Musk, continued,, with the Tesla boss joining the Twitter board, then not.

Meanwhile, Twitter shareholders have launched legal action over Elon Musk allegedly failing to disclose for 10 days when he hit the 5% threshold for a stake in Twitter.

And researchers have been looking at the role pro-Tesla bots on Twitter have played in helping shape perceptions of the EV car maker.

On the show this week, we had great advice from Main Sequence Ventures Partner Phil Morle about red flags for VCs in founder pitches, while Right Click Capital’s Ben Chong shared his insights from board meetings in the US and how to work through and prioritise director issues.

Airtasker is celebrating 10 years and founder and CEO Tim Fung shared the leadership lessons he’s learned over that decade.

On the raise front, hype commerce startup EQL bagged $25 million. Co-founder Andrew Lipp shared how the idea came into being after a cold email to Nike.


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