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This startup is helping solve supply chain headaches with AI 

- January 21, 2022 2 MIN READ
Lagrange co-founders Dr Aghil Rezaei Somarin and Dr Hassan Mirzahosseinian. 
Supply chains are incredibly complex networks with many different sources of data across business units and stakeholders that need to be analysed and integrated. 

Both Dr Hassan Mirzahosseinian and Dr Aghil Rezaei Somarin saw these issues first hand having worked with many large enterprise clients in both product development and consulting. 

In a bid to overcome this problem, the pair co-founded Lagrange.AI, a supply chain digital platform that leverages AI to source, collect and integrate data in a scalable and cost-effective manner so supply chain professionals can have visibility over their operations and optimize them. 

Co-founder and CEO Mirzahosseinian believes supply chain companies are losing millions of dollars because of the lack of integration with much of the data they are using. 

“Both myself and my co-founder felt the pain of this problem that we are trying to solve,” he says.

“As developers, when we started working on certain projects, we found that the data was really fragmented with poor quality, and we cannot rely on it. 

“Also lots of different departments, such as IT, finance, operations and supply chain need to collaborate to come up with an integration solution. Companies lose millions of dollars because of the time and skill sets required. 

“We’re developing an AI software platform, which sources and collects data automatically and by integrating them, we are creating a single source of truth for supply chain data. Which makes life a lot easier for all those looking to use the data.” 

Given the strong IT and data backgrounds of the co-founders, one of the biggest challenges was learning the skills needed to start a company. 

“In startups, there are a lot of challenges. It’s not just about finances, but learning the skill sets,” says Dr Mirzahosseinian. 

“That means that you need to go out and learn all these skills. You also need to identify the problem that you’re trying to solve very clearly and come up with some solutions based on your experience and domain knowledge.” 

The Lagrange.AI team joined Antler in a bid to develop many of the skills needed to help grow their business. 

“Many of the entrepreneurs that join Antler and other incubators believe the benefit is financial support. That’s just not the case for our team,” says Dr Mirzahosseinian. 

“What was really helpful for us, was when we started working with the coaches. Looking back I can see how we have made progress in validating the problem and finding the product-market fit. So, now we can approach investors with confidence and all of this happened because of the training and support of the Antler program.” 

Looking forward, Dr Mirzahosseinian believes Lagrange.AI will change the way supply chain data is managed and used for decision making. 

“Our goal is to be the one-stop solution for supply chain professionals to develop supply chain digital twins in days instead of months.” 

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