This new fintech app lets investors manage their property portfolio on a phone

- October 17, 2019 2 MIN READ
Properlytics, a new proptech platform for property owners to keep track of the value of their investments has been released by Brisbane fintech developer Brodie Haupt.

Designed so investors can manage and track the performance of their real estate portfolio and keep all the information at their fingertips, Properlytics saves hours in record-keeping and staying in control of cash flow and tax issues.

A two-tier subscription app for small and large property investors, its simple to use app makes more than 100,000 calculations based on hundreds of variables to accurately predict the value of your portfolio, as well as calculating your tax savings and liabilities.

It can project financial returns over several years, generates financial reports and calculates return on investment based on acquisition costs, capital gains, rental income and management costs.

Brodie Haupt spent several years developing Properlytics, creating more than 68 versions before he was satisfied that it answered all the questions investors have when managing their property portfolio.

Haupt, a graduate of the Oxford Fintech Programme, who also attended Harvard Business School, has combined his extensive experience in statistical data analysis and real estate development to create his fintech software venture.

He believes the app is also a game-changer for real estate agents and property advisors.

“It has taken a long time to get to this point with a number of changes, but we are very excited to get this tech in the hands of investors and industry professionals after a long testing and development process,” he said.

“I hope Properlytics will help the real estate sector to level up and increase value to customers.”

“It takes away the emotion in the investment decisions that sometimes get in the way when purchasing property and the accurate and up-to-the- minute analytics highlight what’s important to help buyers and investors make informed decisions.”

The subscription model charges $14.99 month/$149.99 annually for up to 10 properties or unlimited properties and clients for $39.99 month/$390.90 annually. 

In beta trials of Properlytics, Haupt said the app has replaced both complex spreadsheets and a workload that would otherwise take weeks, if not months, depending on a portfolio’s complexity, allowing people to accurately project property performance via a report that takes just 15-to-25 minutes to produce.

Brodie Haupt said Properlytics will transform the investment industry and he already has more developments planned for release shortly.

“Properlytics is a must-have tool for real estate agents and property advisors, as well as personal property investors,” he said.

The app is available online at properlytics.com.au or on the App Store and Google Playstore.