The Victorian startups walk out with $450,000 in contracts from the first accelerator for government work

- February 14, 2020 2 MIN READ
The Envision Systems, Sky Ledge and WeGuide startup teams at the CivViC Labs Demo Day.


Three Victorian startups, Envision SystemsSky Ledge and WeGuide, have landed contracts worth $450,000 as the first cohort of CivVic Labs, the accelerator to startups to gain access to government procurement contracts.

Each startup received $150,000 from the Better Care Victoria Innovation Fund.

Sky Ledge will work with St Vincent’s Hospital to build out the prototype of a platform that proactively predicts the occurrence of preventable hospital-acquired conditions.

WeGuide is working with Western Health, developing a digital solution to capture and report Patient Reported Measures to improve healthcare delivery in the Physiotherapy department.

Envision Systems is work with Victoria’s Department of Transport to develop a prototype to improve the data available for planners and public transport users to help plan new stations, improve safety and provide better customer information.

Sky Ledge managing director Ahmed Dhahbi said CivVic Labs gave them an amazing window into the public health system.

“Sky Ledge has worked across a number of other verticals including mining and energy, but we’ve always found health to be quite nebulous, so the opportunity to actually collaborate with a real customer in the health space has been nothing short of amazing,” he said.

“Now that we’ve finished up the CivVic Labs accelerator, we’re excited to leverage the ideas and relationships we’ve developed throughout the program to cultivate our value proposition as well as factoring them back into our overall vision for Sky Ledge and how we are going to get there.”

LaunchVic CEO Dr Kate Cornick said her organisation was “delighted” with the outcomes from the first cohort of the CivVic Labs accelerator.

“The aim was to connect startups with the government to give them greater access to procurement opportunities, as well as deliver innovative solutions to civic and government needs,” she said.

“The funding they receive will support the startup ecosystem in Victoria with the hope of enabling it to sustain itself, something that ultimately translates into the creation of jobs for Victorians.”