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Startup Daily TV: Cynch Security is helping smaller companies get cyber fit as cybercrime grows

- August 12, 2020 < 1 MIN READ
Cynch Security founder and CEO Susie Jones
Cybersecurity firm Cynch Security says small business owners can take some simple measures to be better protected from the rising tide of scammers and hacks that have emerged in 2020.

Susie Jones, co-founder and CEO of Cynch Security, said the number one scam targeting small companies involves fake invoice. The move to online means scammers no longer discriminate when it comes to the size of a business or where it’s located.

“Scammers can hack somebody’s username and password within your business to get your personal details or hack a client you work with and start impersonating them,” she said.

“They will send fake invoices to you from a vendor with new bank details and even set up forwarding rules on your emails, before you know it you’ve paid a scam invoice that you thought was for one of your real vendors or clients.”

Her startup, Cynch Security, runs cyber fitness programs that don’t require technical expertise and are designed to improve cybersecurity gradually as it’s affordable.

Susie Jones recently joined us on Startup Daily TV to tell us more about her plans. You can watch below.

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