Southstart moves Thursday’s State of the Re: Union festival online as Covid-19 resurfaces in Adelaide

- November 18, 2020 2 MIN READ
Fleet Space Technologies
Flavia Tata-Nardini, founder of Fleet Space Technologies, will speak at -SOUTHSTART's Start of the Re: Union
Innovation and ideas festival, _SOUTHSTART has moved its State Of The Re: Union event in Adelaide this Thursday, November 20 – coinciding with Global Entrepreneur Week – online in response to a Covid-19 outbreak in the city.

Organisers were forced to cancel today’s event after guests flying from Queensland were forced to withdraw when their state government reinstated 14-day mandatory quarantine on anyone arriving from Adelaide.

As the South Australian government moved to control the outbreak _SOUTHSTART organisers decided to move Thursday’s panel discussions online.

The discussions include State of our State, looking at the tech South Australia does best, including remewables and robotics, Diversity ≠ Equity, tackling a key challenges for the sector when it comes to diversity; and State of our Nation, with top startup ecosystem voices sharing their thoughts on where we are as a community, nation, and as humans. 

The speaker lineup includes Tobi Pearce,CEO of SWEAT, Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of Fleet, Aubrey Blanche, Director of Equitable Design & Impact at CultureAmp, and Jim Whalley, Chief Entrepreneur of South Australia.

Event Director, Craig Swann, was upbeat about the move to online with a great program of discussions for State Of The Re: Union, as well as the future for the festival.

“Constant change, learning to embrace the unknown and acting quickly and decisively are key tenets of life as a Startup – and, in 2020, Event organisers,” he said.

“If anything, the unfolding events in Adelaide this week are likely to further foster and prompt the very conversations we’ve been curating as part of this week’s event series celebrating Global Entrepreneur Week. “

_SOUTHSTART’s main festival is scheduled for 17-19 February, 2021, with tech leaders from Google, Canva, Atlassian, Blackbird, CultureAmp and more taking part. 

The South Australian government has contributed $500,000 towards the festival and Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni said that organisers made with right decision this week as health officials deal with the state’s first Covid-19 outbreak in six months. 

“As we move _SOUTHSTART’s State Of The Re: Union event online, its content has never been more important in driving robust discussions, innovation, storytelling and knowledge sharing within our startup sector,” he said. 

“The Marshall Liberal Government will continue to work with _SOUTHSTART to ensure its main festival makes a return in 2021 to support our entrepreneurs and broader innovation community.”