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Software bug fixer Intalayer is using machine learning to solve problems quickly

- July 15, 2020 3 MIN READ
Product and customer support teams of software companies are having to adapt and move faster than ever before. But as they race to compete with the ever-growing industry, teams lack the data to quickly prioritise software bugs or have manual processes that make personal customer service inefficient. 

To help software companies scale great customer experiences, Intalayer, a startup recently built and launched within Antler is using machine learning and automation technology to enable fast, accurate and consistent prioritisation of software bugs and manual support processes.

“Our market research and personal experience working in software companies shows that these teams can spend up to 20% of their time on manual and inefficient tasks, which takes them away from focussing on high value activities to help their companies grow,” says co-founder and CEO of Intalayer, Dain Welsman. 

With Intalayer, teams can achieve in minutes what now takes hours. 

“Intalayer will help product managers and support team leaders to process and prioritise backlogs of jobs,” says Welsman.

It will reduce manual communication and automate inefficient tasks. It keeps the human side of relationships with clients and provides a better service experience with human support.”

Intalayer’s product vision stems from problems Welsman experienced in product management with well-known Australian tech companies, such as Domain and Data Republic. 

He has also founded several startups, including Kuggle, an online to offline socialising tool to combat loneliness and boredom, which is launched and ran in Taiwan.

“The startup company process in Taiwan is the same as in Australia, but there are cultural differences,” says Welsman.

“In Taiwan they are more personable. It’s a good country to learn from as we are close to South East Asia. I like getting my hands dirty and being on the ground to deliver great products that keep customers happy.”

Welsman co-founded Intalayer with CTO Dr Ian Glass and CCO Michael Wendland.

Glass is responsible for building the machine learning and automation technology that powers Intalayer, while Wendland, is a growth marketing expert.

“Michael jumped at the idea as he could see the global potential for Intalayer,” said Welsman, who added that they plan to have 100 customers by the end of the year.

“At the moment we are raising capital and working with more engineers to accelerate the functionality and development of the tool,” he said. 

“We will utilise direct sales through our network by providing key messages to warm leads and refine the tool based upon user feedback. What we are discovering is that integrations are hard to build, and that in current integrations, key data essential for resolving issues is not transferred between tools.

“This essential data includes things like screenshots, which means that when a customer support person receives a customer complaint with a screenshot, they have to download that image, re-upload it into the tool used by engineers.

“Large images can take a long time, and if the support person has to do this hundreds of times a day, it becomes very arduous and frustrating.”

Welsman’s plan is to begin targeting international markets in 2021.

“Our ambition is that any company with a digital presence, from a small tech startup to large enterprises like Dominoes or Service NSW, will be able to benefit from Intalayer and see massive efficiency gains and improvements in customer experience,” he said. 

“In the product, we want to use AI to provide highly accurate predictions on what customer feedback is most valuable for our clients to resolve and know exactly how long it will take to resolve so that customers can be kept up to date and highly engaged with our client’s software.

“Communication with the customer will be automated, enabling these great customer experiences to be scaled to millions around the world.”