Salesforce launches myTrailhead to help organisations create learning experiences for staff

- March 11, 2019 2 MIN READ

Customer relationship management (CRM) software company Salesforce has launched myTrailhead, a platform allowing organisations to create their own learning experiences to help employees up skill.

The platform is based on Salesforce’s own Trailhead, a learning experience that helps people learn to use Salesforce. It allows organisations to pull in existing content, including videos or presentations, create custom new content, or use existing free, public Trailhead content to develop their own courses.

The public content library contains over 500 modules, from the tech-focused Blockchain Basics through to those focused on soft skills, such as Cultivating Equality at Work.

Speaking to Startup Daily at last week’s Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, general manager of Trailhead, Sarah Franklin said empowering employees to learn a bit each day can help with their productivity and stress levels.

In fact, research found those who spend more than five hours a week learning are 39 percent more productive, 47 percent less stressed, and 21 percent happier on the job.

“People are scared of what the outcomes of innovation mean for their own personal careers, so every company needs to create that same culture of learning. They need their employees to be happy more productive, less stressed, and also just skilled up on the latest and greatest,” Franklin said.

The development of myTrailhead was born out of the company being “maniacally focused” on customer success, Franklin said, and looking at what they need.

“What they need is to bring their workforce along with innovation,” she said.

Research shows employees are keen to learn: a 2018 poll from YouGov Galaxy found 45 percent of workers expect their employers to skill them up in the skills needed to be competitive and in the future.

Also working in the corporate learning space is Brisbane-founded startup GO1, which allows users to browse its marketplace of courses, covering everything from compliance to onboarding and personal development, or create their own.

The startup reported that, as of last November, it hosts more than 500,000 courses and learning resources, with more than 22 million users across clients including Cricket Australia, ANZ, and Thrifty having access to its content.

Image: Sarah Franklin. Source: Salesforce.