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TEAM SPIRIT: A serial entrepreneur, VC expert and developer trainer reveal the secrets of successful teams

- June 14, 2022 2 MIN READ
laura warden carl hartmann
What’s the secret to keeping good talent in tech right now and how fundamental are issues such as hybrid work to the future success of your startup?

Creating a culture where teams actively want to be there is one of the biggest challenges tech companies face in the wake of the global pandemic.

To address the issues keeping many founders up at night, Startup Daily is offering the free webinar : Empowering Possibilities: The Secrets of Successful Teams, live-streamed this Wednesday, June 15, from 1-2pm.

Three experts will reveal how they’re tackling these issues from three very different perspectives.

The panel includes serial entrepreneur, Carl Hartmann, co-founder of the massively successful global non-alcoholic drinks brand Lyre’s Spirit Co.

Hartmann is an investor and board member/advisor to a range of leading technology companies around the world. He’s also the founder of Temando and Compono.

As Head of People & Culture at Sydney early-stage VC firm Folklore Ventures Laura Warden talks to dozens of founders every day about their challenges with hiring and retaining staff. An HR and recruitment professional, Laura’s thrives in an industry that has people at the forefront of everything she does.

Ashley Perkins is the Commercial Master Trainer for Microsoft Australia. He has been inspiring young developers and working with retail partners over many years. Now he is engaging and connecting with commercial partners to provide education and training across Microsoft wide range products and services.

Along with Startup Daily editor Simon Thomsen, the panel will discuss a range of issues around talent, including:

  • How to foster a positive work culture anywhere, everywhere
  • What’s working and what’s not for collaboration and engagement
  • The new rules of hybrid productivity
  • The present and future role of the office
  • How the latest technology can enable better teamwork

REGISTER HERE to watch Empowering Possibilities: The Secrets of Successful Teams this Wednesday, June 15 at 1pm.

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  • This webinar is being sponsored by Microsoft Australia.