FinTech Australia partners with talent platform Upplft to help companies and workers find the perfect match

- November 23, 2022 2 MIN READ
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FinTech Australia and talent platform Upplft have launched a new tool to help fintechs find and retain talent.

Called “The Big Match” it aims to connect fintech industry jobseekers with new roles, which the companies involved can use it to help fill roles faster with candidates who have prior experience working in an early stage business.

The move comes as the tech sector more broadly grapples with delayed visa application processing, as well recent layoffs and closures in a range of startups, at the same time as unmet demand for workers remains high.

FinTech Australia boss Rehan D’Almeida

FinTech Australia GM Rehan D’Almedia said members will receive free registration for The Big Match and a significantly reduced flat fees for successful placements to all fintechs under the partnership deal.

“Talent requirements are constantly shifting within the fintech ecosystem. There’s always a demand for new talent from fintechs. And in other cases, companies may require new skill sets as they grow and change direction,” he said.

“By introducing this database, we’re aiming to add an extra element of stability to the fintech talent market. We also want to retain fintech talent within the ecosystem, and ensure new emerging companies are both aware of it, and have access to it.”

Upplft founder and co-CEO Neil O’Donnell said The Big Match is free for potential employees and the role matching process starts as soon as you register after filling out a questionnaire only takes a couple of minutes to complete. CVs are not needed.

“Finding, attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for any business, particularly in the current market,” he said.

“We continue to help and provide support to the thriving fintech ecosystem across Australia and make people aware transitioning from other Industries that there are still many great opportunities in the fintech sector.”

Employers and employees can register for The Big Match at bigmatch.upplft.com