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Pathzero helps small business go carbon neutral in less than 5 minutes

- July 24, 2020 2 MIN READ
Pathzero co-founder and CEO Carl Prins
Many companies would like to reduce their carbon emissions and make a difference to the environment, but can’t afford to spend the time and money it takes to hire consultants to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. 

Co-founder and CEO of Pathzero, Carl Prins, is hoping to change this by providing a tool that can calculate carbon emissions online in just five minutes and put your company on the journey to becoming carbon neutral.

“Most carbon emissions tools are for large companies,” said Prins.

“We want SMEs to engage with our tool that is simple, affordable and credible for them.

“We use industry benchmarks and smart conversion of money spent into CO2 equivalent to achieve an effective measure of a small company’s footprint in under five minutes.”

Pathzero is a simple, online platform that enables businesses to make chosen activities, products or services carbon neutral. It is an accessible tool that lets anyone manage and share their actions with confidence.

“The carbon emission calculator is already available online, so that it is easily accessible for SMEs to complete,” said Prins. “

We do this whilst complying with the international measurement standard – the Greenhouse Gas protocol. The focus is on how we can move the needle to more positive measures.”

So how does it work?

Pathzero helps businesses set goals to reduce carbon emissions and helps that company share that commitment with the world. 

“Pathzero is different because we use a top-down approach and focus on what matters most,” said Prins.

“We look at the previous month of carbon emissions, help companies understand the scale of this and commit to a goal.

“A business starts by offsetting one month’s emissions and then commits to continue being carbon neutral with Pathzero.”

Prins is a Sydney-based entrepreneur who is passionate about climate change.

Before Pathzero, he co-founded Handled, Australia’s first energy comparison and auto-switching service which he led as CEO for the last three years. 

“Climate change has been a lifelong passion of mine,” said Prins.

“I grew up in a sustainable house, which had solar power and was off the grid. My nickname in the Antler program is Climate Carl.”

Together with his co-founder and Pathzero’s CTO, Charbel Ayoub, the pair are providing a new perspective and novel expertise to make it easy to do something for the environment.

“It makes it simpler and more affordable for SMEs to go carbon neutral,” said Prins. 

“We already have our first customers in the market in architecture, construction, wealth management and creative agencies. Next, we plan to grow through industry associations. We’ll use data received from companies to benchmark an industry and then roll this out.”

“We’d love to see more and more SMEs join the movement to net zero emissions.”

So far, Pathzero has a number of happy clients but the co-founders have their sights set on a global expansion.

“Companies are pleased with their progress after using Pathzero,” said Prins. 

“We provide a digital sticker for their website that can also be shared on their social media channels. The company’s commitment is also clear for anyone to view on their Pathzero page. As they demonstrate their commitment, companies will have a huge impact on their local communities.

“Our goal is for this movement to take flame here in Australia and in other developed markets like the United States. We’d like to be the go-to solution for SMEs.”


  • Pathzero was part of Antler Australia’s Sydney accelerator program. Applications for the next cohort can be made hereStartupDaily is the official media partner of Antler Australia’s Demo Day.