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New app helps busy mums capture and preserve precious baby milestones

- April 8, 2023 2 MIN READ
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If you’re a new mother who wants to document each and every moment of your little bebe in a baby book but can’t find the time and effort, this new app is for you!

Baby journaling platform Dujourbaby has launched a memory book app to help mothers easily capture and preserve memories of their baby’s first-year milestones. 

Capturing a baby’s first-year milestones is crucial, but updating traditional paper-based memory books can be inconvenient and time-consuming, leaving those precious moments undocumented. 

Designed with busy mothers in mind, the app makes it easy to record and cherish important milestones, such as bringing a baby home for the first time or a baby’s first steps. 

Founder Arpana Nair felt overwhelmed by the task of writing memories and printing photos to place in her son Tyson’s first-year baby book. 

Frustrated with the lack of effective solutions on the market to meet her needs, she embarked on a mission to revamp baby journaling.


Dujourbaby memory book app. Photo: Supplied

Nair felt guilty about not being able to keep up with her son’s first-year baby book. 

“Watching my baby grow up so fast, I realised the importance of capturing these milestones before they pass. With the Dujourbaby Memory Book App, mothers can now easily record precious memories from the comfort of their couch or bed while feeding or cuddling their baby. It’s a simple and convenient way to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime,” she said. 

Mothers can now effortlessly create a baby book and have a timeless memento at their fingertips.

Nair established the company to provide mothers with a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and pride as they watch their children develop and grow.

The Dujourbaby Memory Book App provides a hassle-free solution for mothers to record their baby’s milestones. 

It offers automatic notifications to stay on top of monthly milestones, effortless memory capturing with photo uploads, and easy page previewing. 

The app provides hardcover and digital keepsake options to relive those precious moments anytime.

The memory book app is available for download on Google play and the app store, where you can discover the full range of features in the app with a free trial. 

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