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Meetric, the Sydney startup reducing the pain of meetings, has gone global

- June 30, 2021 2 MIN READ
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Sydney startup Meetric has hit the global stage just 14 months after launching thanks to the US productivity site Product Hunt.

Meetric, which emerged out of the Antler program, is building a SaaS platform to ensure better, more
effective meetings and improve the accountability from decisions made in them.

It manages everything from calendar and video conferencing integrations, to agenda preparation, and note-taking, meeting timers, shared to-do lists and email reminders.

Product Hunt highlights the best new products globally and has built a reputation as the place to for the latest
mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

Meetric, Paul Boudet

Meetric CEO & co-founder Paul Boudet

Meetric CEO and co-founder Paul Boudet said it was an incredible opportunity to get Meetric in
front of the Product Hunt community.

“These early adopters tend to have tons of feedback on products like ours and we can learn a lot from it. This feedback will be instrumental to optimising our product roadmap in the coming months,” he said.

“And of course, if we become a popular product on Product Hunt, we would also get tons of new users, discovering us through this channel.”

Boudet has connected Meetric with Google Calendar – Microsoft and Slack integration is coming late 2021 –  to deliver a single reference point for meeting notes that are also linked directly to events in a user’s calendar.

“While regular meetings are riddled with communication problems like poor agenda prep, notes everywhere and unclear next steps, Meetric provides a tool to streamline these problems through shareable, traceable and actionable meeting notes,” he said.

The SaaS product works with existing business tools through a Chrome extension so you can connect with notes and tasks directly in Google Calendar or live in a Google Meet or Microsoft Team meeting without switching windows.

It’s a Google verified app partner and currently available for free for teams and individuals using Google Workspace.

You can find it on Product Hunt here.