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Here are the 11 startups in the latest Macquarie University Incubator

- March 29, 2022 4 MIN READ
Photo: Macquarie University
From clean water to crypto and colostomy breakthroughs, the 11 startups in the Macquarie University Incubator are the most diverse the five-year program has seen, according to director Melissa Ryan. 

The 2022 cohort follows in the wake last year’s alumni, which have already attracted more than $44 million in external funding. 

The six-month Startup Educate program is designed to drive investment according to Ryan, Macquarie’s director of incubation & entrepreneurship.

“At Macquarie Incubator, we believe innovation is the doorway to a better world and entrepreneurship is the key that unlocks it,” she said.

“To facilitate Australia’s transformation into an innovation economy, we need to foster every single budding entrepreneur, that’s why we’re proud to be the most inclusive startup incubator in Australia – a space for all innovators – from startups, scaleups, researchers to industry intrapreneurs.”

Melissa Ryan, director of incubation and entrepreneurship at Macquarie University Incubator

Ryan said that while they’re used to seeing high-calibre teams in the program, she was surprised by how open the 2022 group was when it came to testing assumptions and ideas right off the bat, especially founders at MVP stage.

“They’ve also been very active with our mentor connector program, which to be honest has given our team a bit of a workout to keep up with, but these relationships are just so valuable for the founders, so it’s great to see,” she said. 

Macquarie Incubator startups made more than $6.7 million in revenue last year, launched 35 new products and employed 177 people, generating a wages bill of $4.4m. And 44% of the incubator startups have at least one female founder. 

The Incubator has now dupported more than 75 companies since launch its launch in 2017. 

Here are the startups in Macquarie Incubator’s Cohort 1 2022

Clean waters Oceania

Clean waters Oceania is the regional importer, distributor, and manufacturer of Watergen’s patented world-leading atmospheric water generation technology.

The innovation produces 900 litres of water, out of thin air, which is 100% sustainable, off grid and carbon neutral. The system additionally provides rapid deployment of power and communications in any location at any time. 

Also, a social enterprise, the company intends to equitably distribute the world’s most efficient atmospheric water generators to hundreds of remote First Nations communities and towns across Australia to reduce their dependency upon substandard, contaminated, and depleting groundwater sources. 


Syncedify has created a Hyperautomation platform that helps automate the ever-changing data validation logic and build complex loT solutions incorporating machine teaming and artificial intelligence.

Hyperautomation, the process in which businesses automate as many business and IT processes as possible, is the key to both digital operational excellence and operational resiliency for organisations.

Syncedify, have created their own Patented Communication Protocol, which provides field level event handling and real-time notification, creating a unique ability to implement event driven workflows powering Hyperautomation solutions. 


Trinity Digital

Trinity Digital is a Digital SaaS Platform created to automate the debriefing process between vendors and their customers at the conclusion of a sales engagement.

The solution sits in the Sales Tech sector, as a tool that help businesses accelerate and enhance sales productivity, through better customer intelligence and insight.

The Trinity Platform can be integrated into any company’s CRM system to capture critical customer feedback and data at the conclusion of every single sales pursuit.

Exchange Exchange

Exchange Exchange is on a mission to revolutionise how students globally plan, decide, navigate and experience studying abroad by eliminating all the unknowns and questions students face.

The platform offers help in finding and comparing exchange or full-time international student opportunities overseas, while also helping foreign students obtain information regarding their stay and study in their chosen destination. 


ColoComfort is an innovative device designed to improve colostomy management that minimises or removes the need to use colostomy bags.

Colocomfort intends to empower individuals who have a permanent stoma achieve their goal of a better quality of life. They aim to provide a solution to all pertinent colostomates, including those in developing countries, who currently have lower quality alternatives.

The innovative device eliminates the need for bags, improving the user’s hygiene, comfort and self-confidence while reducing landfill waste by the traditional discarded bags. 


Yuroka DAO

Yuroka DAO harnesses the power of Web3 technologies to provide decentralised shared ownership of scalable renewable energy and cryptocurrency mining assets in Australia.

Their aim is to encourage the adoption of carbon neutral cryptocurrency mining and validation, thereby contributing to a greener future.


Krownpay is a crypto payment solution that allows people to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Their system allows ecommerce vendors to offer their customers alternative payment methods using cryptos.  Founders Soso Bagshaw and Peter Logo are working to allow small and medium scale businesses to tap into the benefit of the blockchain and the crypto community.

Their vision is to make payment easy and fast without limitations, increasing transaction speed while reducing costs for both vendors and their customers.

Good for the Hood

Good for the Hood is all about empowering ordinary people to create community change.

Meaningful change starts locally and it’s their mission to bring people together and empower everyday people to become advocates for a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Good for the Hood is a social enterprise that works together with schools, corporates and councils to give them the tools to create meaningful change in their community. Good for the Hood is represented by volunteers, sustainability champions, community groups, social enterprises, local councils and workplaces. 


EyePathDx.com is an integrated medical-grade eye tracking device and SaaS backend platform that helps doctors, researchers, marketing strategists, designers, teachers, and anybody else analyse how people look at things.

Rob Newport created EyePathDx to make both eye tracking and its analysis easier and more insightful.


FinKidsTM is developing a highly engaging digital solution that aims to educate young children on the fundamentals of financial literacy, facilitating the development of positive and long-lasting money habits.

They are building a community of early childhood educators, academic researchers, guardians, and business professionals; to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to educating our future generation. 

Their vision is to democratise access to high-quality financial education, ensuring that all children are given an opportunity to succeed in today’s society, no matter where their life may begin.

The 2022 Macquarie Uni incubator cohort

  • One research commercialisation project currently doesn’t have a company name.