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Delivery marketplace Zoom2u launches DoorDash and UberEats rival for business

- March 7, 2023 2 MIN READ
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Australian delivery platform, Zoom2u has launched a new SaaS marketplace, Drivers2u, to help businesses tackle deliveries. 

The delivery service by the ASX-listed software company aims to bridge the gap between customers and drivers. Local businesses and restaurants can match with delivery provider for free through Drivers2u.

The platform allows businesses and customers to post a job with a budget and receive offers from drivers willing to take on the job.

By signing up for the marketplace, drivers will receive leads from people seeking their service within their local area. 

The platform offers drivers for various vehicles like bikes, trucks, UTEs, semi-trailers, refrigerated vans, and even private chauffeurs.

The service will remain free to customers and drivers for an initial period whilst the marketplace builds scale. Eventually, the app will switch to a monthly subscription model for drivers, while customers will be charged advertising fees.

Founder Steve Orenstein encourages restaurants to reevaluate their relationship with expensive, third-party food delivery apps and instead explore running their delivery service by hiring drivers directly.

“With Deliveroo’s departure from Australia bringing the hospitality delivery industry dangerously close to a monopoly, the launch of Drivers2u couldn’t have come at a better time,” he said.

Startup Daily editor Simon Thomsen had talked to founder Steve Oberstein for more information. See the full interview: 

Oberstein said Drivers2u helps businesses save money on delivery fees by allowing them to manage their own delivery service instead of using expensive third-party options.

“Restaurants and businesses should think about how they can run their own delivery service by directly engaging drivers,” he said.

“By self-managing, businesses will only need to cover the cost of the drivers, and will own the relationship with their customers, rather than forgoing revenue and control to third parties.”

Zoom2u now operates in the delivery services market through via three platforms.

Zoom2u connects customers to a network of local drivers across Australia for fast deliveries, while Locate2u offers real-time tracking solutions to businesses with their own fleets of vehicles worldwide. 

Since launching in 2014, Zoom2u has processed over 2.5 million deliveries for over 80,000 customers using around 12,000 registered drivers.

More than 400 businesses currently use Locate2u in 10 countries.