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Bramp is building big brands for small companies

- June 23, 2021 2 MIN READ
Bramp co-founders Benni Weller and Joe Mathew
The problem that many smaller companies and startups face is trying to develop something that competes without spending the huge sums of money that comes with hiring an agency. 

With a background working in strategic brand consultancies, Bramp CEO, Benni Weller understood the challenge that smaller businesses faced and felt he could systemise the process so a wider range of companies could take advantage of the benefits of building a strong brand. 

“My whole career has been in strategic brand building. I’ve worked for agencies big and small and for clients big and small, from startups, VC funded fintechs, all the way to large organisations like Optus, CommBank and the AFL,”  he said. 

“I’ve always loved working with startups and helping young businesses thrive and really reach their full potential. Brand is an incredibly powerful tool for business. But it’s incredibly hard to build a brand if you have no background in marketing or brand design.” 

Weller co-founded Bramp with Joe Mathew and the intention of leveraging his skills and knowledge to help young businesses get access to an agency level product for a fraction of the price. 

“We believe every business should have access to professional brand building tools and techniques. We’re creating an engaging and easy-to-use platform that empowers founders and their teams to build their brand guided by powerful tools,” he said. 

While Bramp is still in its early stages, Weller has already had to overcome a number of challenges getting the business to this stage. 

“As a domain expert I needed a technical counterpart. Antler provided the perfect platform and I found my technical co-founder and CTO Joe in the program,” he said. 

“Our biggest challenge is that we’re building a relatively complex product. It has to essentially do three things at once: Combining strategy, design and marketing into one integrated solution. But we’ve got a solid plan of attack, we’re a strong team and with the backing of a global VC platform like Antler we’re onto a great start.

“So far we’ve built an early version of our strategy workshop, which we’ve already tested with a group of startups with extremely promising results. We’re currently working on some additional features and will soon move on to building our design tools. We’re on track for a limited launch in late August and a full MVP in market by the end of the year.” 

Going forward he believes there is huge upside for Bramp. 

“I know this business can go really big. There’s a lot of demand for our service and we’ll be global from day one. The global SME market is huge. Other players like Canva have shown that this industry has incredible potential,” Weller said. 

“Our vision is to become the source for strategic branding for all small businesses and start-ups and be the one player synonymous with that space.” 

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