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Aboriginal-founded online edtech ClassHive ramps up national ambitions as it saves teachers admin time

- February 17, 2023 2 MIN READ
Students interacting with ClassHive
ClassHive, an edtech startup with Aboriginal founders, is helping transform teaching in primary schools across Australia after a successful beta phase.

The startup provides digital education tools to simplify teaching and learning. 

Developed by Wingaru Education founders Lesley and Harvey Woodhouse, ClassHive offers a secure online learning environment for students and teachers, with a one-stop auto-login that helps streamline classroom technology, saving teachers and education staff time for more focus on their students.


Lesley Woodhouse, ClassHive’s CEO, said admin work involved in using online resources is a major obstacle to adopting digital tools and there is a lack of tools to address this problem.

“Having witnessed this issue first-hand through Wingaru Education, we recognised the need for a solution. This is why we created ClassHive,” she said. 

Harvey Woodhouse said ClassHive has gained significant credibility with the teaching community in its first few months by offering an online resource management platform that reduces teacher admin workloads and frustration.

Early data indicates that using ClassHive in schools has led to a 30% increase in the usage of third-party digital tools, resources, and edtech providers, while also delivering a 13% reduction in classroom admin.

“Through this we are witnessing the very real efficiencies it is offering the industry – both for teachers and resource providers,” he said.


Ben Grozier, CEO of another edtech platform, ClassCover, said that teacher workloads are overwhelming, and ClassHive focuses on reducing that workload. 

“The potential time saved is huge. When you think about all the minutes and hours spent coordinating digital resources, it is worth investing in tools that give that time back. ClassHive is a massive time saver,” he said. 

ClassHive’s chief operations officer, Mike Wood, said that the platform is the answer to being overwhelmed by digital learning. 

“With ClassHive, you can easily manage, oversee and share digital education resources with your students,” he said. 

“One of the benefits teachers love is that they no longer have to search for lost student passwords. They can log in to the whole class in just a few minutes, even using a simple QR code.”