Melbourne's YBF Ventures to launch dedicated hub for 'Web 3.0' development, Mesh

- February 26, 2018 2 MIN READ
YBF Ventures

YBF Ventures, the Melbourne-founded coworking community formerly known as York Butter Factory, has announced the launch of YBF Mesh, a new hub to be dedicated to innovation in Web 3.0.

What is Web 3.0? Definitions vary, but at its most basic Web 3.0 is seen as the next iteration of the internet, a decentralised web through which independent services can be built and run. 

With resident startups to be curated, YBF Mesh will be based out of YBF Ventures’ new 3,100 square metre space on Melbourne’s Bourke St. The YBF community moved in following the acquisition of coworking space Teamsquare in December.

On board as strategic partners upon launch of YBF Mesh are organisations including Open Index Protocol, Loopring, Decentralized Library of Alexandria, and Ctrl Group, with the Distributed Technologies Institute and corporate IT education provide DDLS coming on as education partners.

Farley Blackman, CEO of YBF Ventures, said, “We’ve been preparing YBF Mesh for quite some time and are pleased to be able to put it in to action with such a notable company of partners.”

As well as a dedicated working environment, YBF Mesh will give entrepreneurs and startups exploring the Web 3.0 space access to advisory services, educational and networking events, and access to influencers and leaders within the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

According to Blackman, YBF Mesh will also look to donate and contribute to foundations and not-for-profit development organisations within the wider Web 3.0 community.

“We want to ensure that the web’s next major iteration stays healthy in an ongoing manner and that those working on and dedicating their time to Web 3.0 will be rewarded for their efforts. YBF will be making it a priority to give back to those building the foundations of the global community,” he said.

Devon Read, founder of Decentralized Library of Alexandria, added, “Web 3.0, as a general term encapsulating the overall efforts to remake web services in a decentralized, persistent and uncensorable manner, is probably the most important work happening in the tech industry.

“With more than three billion people connected to each other via the web, I don’t know what could be more significant than making that platform more robust, trustworthy and safe from spying eyes. This is why I am happy to support YBF Mesh.”

The launch of YBF Mesh is the latest in a series of announcements for YBF Ventures.

Following its acquisition of Teamsquare, the community in late December received funding from the Victorian Government to establish a dedicated space for fintech startups, joining Stone and Chalk.

Along with the physical space, YBF Ventures will partner with Startupbootcamp to deliver a three month fintech-focused accelerator program.

Image: Farley Blackman. Source: Supplied, shot by Michael Rutter.

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