Meet the inspiring women in BlueChilli’s new SheStarts accelerator

- June 6, 2019 2 MIN READ

Innovation hub BlueChilli has revealed the 10 startups it has selected for its latest SheStarts accelerator program for women.

The female-led startups were chosen from 400 applications and 50 startups who took part in a two-week bootcamp.

SheStarts3 is a six-month venture building program exploring issues such as sustainable agriculture and mental health. It’s backed by ANZ, MYOB, Google for Startups, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The program takes them from product development to customer, investment and establishing their first team at BlueChilli’s venture studio.

Startups BindiMaps, TalkiPlay and Neighbourlytics are among the ventures that have emerged from previous cohorts.

Program Director Natasha Hooper said SheStarts was created to help women without coding experience build their first venture.

“We can’t wait to help these inspiring women turn their bold ideas into successful startups – and grow into Australia’s resilient, tech-driven entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

SheStarts 3 runs from 26 June to 27 November.

Here are the 10 startups and 18 women involved in the latest program:

  1. Aggie Global: Co-founders Zoe, Lisa, Meerah and Chaitanyn are connecting farmers to buyers, expertise and the resources they need to improve farm productivity sustainably.

  2. Ardea Waste: Hayley Rolfe and Narendran Subramaniam are utilising technology to provide better management of commercial waste.

  3. Brancher: Co-founders Holly Brailsford and Jake Bayer, have created a career development platform using an evidence-based approach backed by data and technology to connect users to their best mentors.

  4. Gheorg: Dr Lousie Metcalf is a psychologist and is utilising technology to improve children’s mental health – in particular helping kids with anxiety and depression.

  5. Grasshopper: Co-founders Nicole Marshall and Kern Mangan-Walker created a new way of active play with sensor-enabled silicone tiles for interactive play and an app containing various games and activities

  6. LetMeeh: Hitha Raja Vatsavayi is making counselling services more accessible for high school students. The platform will connect students to mental health services, digitising the process of booking and making the communication between student, counsellor and teacher more effective and confidential.

  7. Loupe: Susan Beardsley and Suzy Leys are empowering highly skilled parents of young children by matching their transferable skills to jobs that meet their lifestyle needs. This platform will increase women’s participation in the workforce – turning recruitment on its head and leading with the candidate.

  8. One Click Childcare: Amber Chapman and Lisa Hollinshead are creating a one-click solution for on-demand daycare. One Click Childcare AKA Parent Portal will provide parents an easy way to enrol their children in credentialed, pre-approved casual daycare facilities.

  9. PetiteBeat: Franziska Seehuber created PetiteBeat, a non-invasive bonding device for expecting parents, which helps them to create an emotional connection to their baby during pregnancy.

  10. Sid: Annette Jakubowicz has created a virtual buddy for people living with a disability. Sid allows a person living with a disability to build independence and capacity over time by setting small goals.

You can find out more about BlueChilli’s SheStarts program here.