Home loan data protection fintech raises NZ$1 million

- October 10, 2019 < 1 MIN READ
A cloud-based New Zealand fintech for home loan brokers to protect customer data has raised NZ$1 million, led by the Flying Kiwi Angels.

FileInvite, a cloud-based platform that streamlines how mortgage brokers and other financial advisers request, receive and store documents in loan applications has now raised NZ$2 million in 18 months as laws around data protection are ramped up globally. The client base includes Kiwibank and a range of international customers

Flying Kiwi Angels member Garth Hinton is FileInvite’s Chair and among the follow on and new investment from angel groups across NZ and Australia, as well as a new US venture capitalist.

Founder and CEO James Sampson (pictured above) said FileInvite is a secure alternative to email and minimises the chance of a data breach through human error or hijacking attacks.

New Zealand’s cybersecurity authority, CERT NZ recorded more than 400 reports of phishing and credentials harvesting in the three months to June 2019.

“While consumers are becoming more cautious about clicking on suspicious links, few give a second thought to emailing personal information to their financial advisers and mortgage brokers who may retain those documents well after the loan application is completed,” Sampson said.

He originally developed FileInvite as a way to manage creative and media files among advertising agencies.

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