Charity platform GoFundMe now has an Australian manager

- May 21, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Australians have embraced GoFundMe at astonishing levels, with more than two million Australians donating more than $200 million in the three years since its local launch in 2016.

And now the US-based online fundraising platform has made its first Australian hire with Nicola Britton, previously with tech-focused PR firm Sling & Stone, signing on as Regional Manager.

GoFundME CEO, Rob Solomon, said his organisation had seen “huge momentum” in Australia, calling 2019 “a defining year for GoFundMe Down Under” after it dropped the platform fee to offer free fundraising.

Last month it launched GoFundMe’s charity fundraising feature with PayPal Giving Fund, making charity fundraising easier and faster.

GoFundMe new Australian manager, Nicola Britton

“GoFundMe has become the internet’s ‘take action’ button, and we continue to rapidly innovate to ensure that we have the safest, most efficient platform to make the social fundraising experience for both individuals and charitable organisations seamless,” he said.

“We’re only just getting started and Nicola’s background in supporting innovative tech businesses, campaigning and policy will help us fast-track our ambitions in the market.”

Britton, a former Change.org campaigner, said that after seeing the potential in tech, she’s excited to be part of GoFundMe’s approach.

“The nature of giving is shifting globally. I have been particularly impressed with GoFundMe’s commitment to trust and safety, putting us at the forefront of this social fundraising revolution,” she said.