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FULL OF IT: It looks like the new iPhone iOS 15 software is going to need an update pretty quickly

- September 23, 2021 2 MIN READ
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Things are not going to plan for quite a lot of Apple users who’ve installed iOS 15 on their iPhones.

A bug in the software is giving plenty of users the “iPhone storage almost full” message regardless of how much storage space they have left. In some instances posted on Twitter, people have tens, if not hundreds of gigs of storage left.

It’s not happening to everyone, but nonetheless there’s enough commentary from iPhone users on Twitter to suggest that Apple, we have a problem.

Users can’t get rid of the message and in some instances are saying their phone is inoperable.



The accepted wisdom from many tech sites to wait for an update from Apple to fix the bug – and certainly don’t delete anything from your phone.

And of course if you’re already sending Tim Cook the money for the iCloud storage the system plugs heavily as a solution, then of course make sure everything is backed up.

Some early adopters are reporting other bugs too, from problems with the clock to faster battery use – an issue that’s previously got Apple into trouble with regulators.

And it seems like there’s already been one update within minutes of iOS15 going live.



But it’s the storage full message that appears to be causing the most concern.

Almost some thing it might be part of a cunning plan to coincide with the release of the iPhone 13.

In response to the expletive-laden exasperated plea for help from one customer, Apple Support said: “We’re here to help with those storage full alerts. Since noticing this, have you tried tapping that alert in Settings, are restarting your iPhone? Here’s how: s.apple.com/dE0n2o5G1L.”

The Apple support team seem to be busy right now responding to a lot of queries. How long before iOS15.x drops?

Good luck all. We hope things settle down quickly. And we’ll update this story when a clearer picture of what’s going on, as well as a solution, emerges.