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Augmented reality startup JigSpace stars in Apple’s iPhone 12 release

- October 14, 2020 2 MIN READ
Jigspace, Numa Bertron, Zac Duff.
JigSpace co-founders Zac Duff and Numa Bertron, the startup's CEO and CTO
Use of the 3D presentation app by Melbourne augmented reality startup JigSpace is set to soar after the company’s product featured in this morning’s Apple announcement on the new iPhone 12.

The phones, which come in four new models costing between $1,199 and a gobsmacking $2,369 for the top-of-line iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be on sale from October 23 – November 13 for the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max – feature new LiDAR and 5G capabilities and JigSpace’s app was used at the Apple Event to highlight the capabilities of the new range.

JigSpace was founded in 2016 and last year began taking on paid clients after more than four million downloads of its free AR app. The company recently raised $2 million in a seed round. It counts Apple, Hino Trucks and medical device firm Medtronic among its clients. Businesses use Jig Workshop to demonstrate and develop 3D products with interaction from customers, remote colleagues, or stakeholders.

The company wants to be the Canva of 3D presentations and JigSpace co-founder Zac Duff said being included in the Apple announcement was a a big moment for augmented reality and his startup.

“Today marks the convergence of the critical hardware and software elements required to make spatial computing ubiquitous – fast data-transfer, spatial awareness, people and environment occlusion, and the processing power to run it all – in one easy to use device,” he said.

“Jigs are a transformational knowledge experience that allow people to understand the world around them, faster.”

Duff said the Apple keynote demonstrated how easy Jigs are to create and use from an iPhone app.

“Our vision is that no new product should launch without a Jig. Based on our early customer success and today’s announcement by Apple, that vision is one step closer,” he said.

“What we’re most excited about is the utility that this unlocks. We’ve always believed that creating and sharing knowledge in 3D should be simple, useful, and delightful.”

Jig Workshop enables anyone to create and share Jigs, like Canva or PowerPoint for 3D. It’s popular for education content, prototyping in lean manufacturing, product demonstrations, and product training in industries like manufacturing and engineering.

Duff said: “Imagine a world where you can look at anything and ask, “how does that work? What’s that made of? How do I fix that?” and the answer is immediately available, right there in front of you. Well, that doesn’t require imagination any longer. Just JigSpace and an iPhone.”

The iPhone 12 Pro models will feature a Lidar sensor that will improve augmented reality features.