Worksite safety proptech cements $4 million raise for global ambitions

- June 28, 2024 < 1 MIN READ
1Breadcrumb CEO Simon Elliott
1Breadcrumb CEO Simon Elliott
A construction site safety management startup has raised $4 million as it looks to expand internationally.

1Breadcrumb is a worksite and process management software platform, initially focusing on construction, with ambitions to spread to other worksites to improve safety and productivity. Nearly two-thirds of construction sites still use paper-based workflows.

The company plays in a similar space to pioneering tech unicorn SafetyCulture.

More than 25,000 subcontractors and 300,000 site workers in Australia and the UK are using 1Breadcrumb to streamline their safety requirements.

1Breadcrumb CEO Simon Elliott said they hope to digitise high-risk industries and position the platform as a pivotal player in worksite safety. 

“The construction site is still managed with a siloed approach to on-site meetings, compliance paper trails, phone calls and text messages, creating a bottleneck of confusing documentation and hours of manual administration,” he said.

“Rather than take the head-office down approach, we began with the needs of the individuals on-site in mind, providing a straightforward platform to allow transparency between the general contractors and the workers, with an easy to follow digital application for compliance and site issues. 

The global construction market is worth US$12 trillion.

The round led by Five V Capital. Chris Gillings from Five V said 1Breadcrumb fills in the missing pieces from the technology stack for high-risk industries.

“Australia is leading the global trend towards digitisation of the construction industry with its highly regulated market, and high labour and materials costs forcing sites to look towards technology to drive efficiencies and increase margins,” he said.

“1Breadcrumb increases productivity gains by giving the workers on site a voice, collecting the valuable data they hold and sharing it with those responsible for the project.”