The Ask: Fintech Reach Alternative Investments is raising $3 million

- May 24, 2024 3 MIN READ
Sam Phillips, Jonathan Ng & Hugh McCaffrey
The Reach Alt team: Sam Phillips, Jonathan Ng & Hugh McCaffrey
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This week it’s Reach Alternative Investments. Cofounder and CEO Sam Phillips has the details. 


Startup: Reach Alternative Investments (Reach Alts) 

Founded: July 2021, Sydney

The ask: $3 million at a $15m valuation. 

The plan: Proceeds of this capital raise will be used to expand our distribution and investor relations teams. 

About them

Reach Alternative Investments is a tech-enabled modern investment company that provides access to the best global private equity funds, traditionally available only to the largest  institutional investors. 

Reach Alts mission is to allow seamless access to the world’s best asset managers and their exclusive private market funds. We enable smaller investors to build robust investment  portfolios which rival those of the largest institutions; and we provide a seamless administrative experience, solving multiple administrative & capacity issues for  sophisticated investors, private-wealth groups and family offices.  

Leading Private equity and private credit funds have historically outperformed other investment offerings and have demonstrated reduced volatility over listed assets, such as  ETF’s and stocks. Now our community of investors can build more robust portfolios with better targeted returns and lower volatility. 

With partnerships with eight of the world’s largest and most proven asset managers already working with us, we have established a one-stop solution for investors wanting to build  diversified portfolios made up of funds from multiple private-market managers. We have enabled a wider audience of investors to build top-tier private market portfolios, without  the fuss. 

Our solution offers: 

– One-Stop Solution: Effortlessly create and oversee a private markets portfolio through one platform, featuring funds from premier global managers. 

– Curated Selection: Access a handpicked list of elite global funds, structured in Australia, with enhanced liquidity, flexible capital calls, and backed by institutional-grade due diligence and research.

– Streamlined Access: Global managers now also have a solution to diversify their investor base and access a broader pool of capital without needing to modify their funds or develop  in-house distribution capabilities. 

The market

The days of relying on a traditional 60/40 portfolio of shares and bonds are gone. Led by Australia’s superannuation funds and the media, which consistently highlights the benefits of unlisted private market funds in building better-performing  portfolios, investors are now becoming increasingly aware of the potential benefits of private market opportunities. 

Our target market is self-directed individuals and self-managed super funds (SMSF) via our  B2C portal. We also serve private wealth groups, family offices and IFAs via our B2B  solution. 

The trend is clear, and we have a first mover advantage in Australia and across the region.  With more investors and their advisors seeking less volatility and better performance from  adding private-market funds to their portfolios this is a hugely scalable area of financial  services to be in. 

The founders & team 

The founders of Reach Alts are industry veterans with a combined experience of over 50 years.  

Sam Phillips, CEO 

Sam has 25 years+ in the financial services sector in Australia, the USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. His  experience spans retail and institutional investment, private wealth, private equity & funds  distribution.  

Hugh McCaffrey, COO 

Hugh has over 12 years of legal experience, having worked in top-tier law firms in New Zealand,  the Cayman Islands and Australia, in banking & finance, and dispute resolution. 

Jonathan Ng, Head of Investments 

Jonathan has over 15 years of experience as a finance and investment specialist, with his last 10 years  at Russell Investments. He is a CFA charter holder and a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of  Australia. 

The build & business

Reach Alts has completed its Go-To-Market (GTM) phase, built and owns its technology,  signed agreements with leading global asset managers, and has growing funds under  administration and recurring revenue. Our investor community exceeds 4,000 members and is growing rapidly.

We are now in our growth/scale stage and are preparing to expand our  team to expedite further growth. 

Deadline and contacts 

The capital raise is now live, and we are calling for interest by June 7. For further details and a pitch deck, email Sam Phillips at [email protected]

More at reachalts.com.au