Task automation platform Servicely raises $1.2 million for international ambitions

- July 27, 2022 2 MIN READ
Servicely founder Dion Williams.
Servicely founder Dion Williams.
AI-based platform Servicely, a low-code service management platform, has raised $1.2 million in its first external capital round.

The round was backed by a combination of high-net worth individuals and a family office.

Servicely is a low-code service management platform with a proprietary AI engine that observes and learns how work is being done by teams to augment and automate manual tasks, creating a generational shift in service desk and workflow technology,

Founder Dion Williams has bootstrapped the business since its launch in 2020 and will use the cash for additional product development, further overseas expansion and boost sales and marketing after securing a $1.2 million funding injection.

Over the past six months, Servicely has seen a significant increase in customer demand signing over 20 enterprise customers and now has a strong new business pipeline in both Australia and the US..

Australian customers include Morgans Financial, NST and Patterson Cheney, while internationally customers include Horizon House, TCV Equity Partners and Goodman Telecoms.

Goodman’s global CIO Pete Foster said they bought Servicely for ITSM (IT service management).

“Once we realised the power of the platform, we started working on deploying Servicely across our Telco Service business to service our large telco customers,” he said.

“We see Servicely as a strategic platform in our business.”

Williams, the startup’s CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with previous successful businesses running service management partners for vendors. He founded Keystone Management Solutions, a professional services company that introduced ServiceNow to the Australian market before he sold the business, which subsequently became part of DXC.

“Our experience showed us that the problem with existing vendors is they were not addressing the fundamental problem of people in large enterprises handling manual repetitive work,” he said.

“We had the luxury of many years of exposure to best-of-breed architectures and interfaces and resolved to build a platform from scratch that now has all the flexibility and power we were used to and also addressed the frustrations that we had experienced with existing approaches.”

Williams said Servicely’s product strategy is focused on the premise that AI brings opportunity to change the way we work, freeing people from the mundane using intelligent automation, allowing staff to focus on higher-value work and providing a superior customer experience.

“We also observed that AI had come of age to become a viable component of enterprise systems. We saw a lot of companies incorporating AI into conversational AI support bots, but we had our eye on much more comprehensive workflow efficiency that comes from incorporating AI deeply into the architecture,” he said.

“We’re excited about putting the new funding to work to drive further value for our customers as they continue their ongoing service desk digital transformation in the years ahead.”