Rampersand & Investible treble down on 3D presentation platform in $5.2 million raise

- April 6, 2023 2 MIN READ
Jigspace, Numa Bertron, Zac Duff.
Jigspace cofounders Numa Bertron and Zac Duff.

A Melbourne startup hoping to be the Canva of 3D presentations has raised another $5.2 million from exisiting investors.

It’s the third time Rampersand and Investible have backed JigSpace, co-leading the round with Vulpes Investment Management, which previously backed the 3D and augmented reality (AR) product tool in its 2021 $6 million Series A.

The capital will be used to increase the startup’s commercial team and accelerate global expansion of its AR demonstration app.

The six-year-old venture has seen monthly active B2B users double over the past year, and it’s now used in 83 countries.

The Alfa Romeo F1 team uses JigSpace to give fans a hands-on experience of their car, and now more broadly in the business.

Head of marketing Stefano Battiston said fans can get up close to our F1 car from their living room using JigSpace and now sponsors do too.

“We’ve recently expanded its use to more departments. Our sales team use it to close multi-million dollar sponsorship deals by showcasing our branding opportunities in incredible detail,” he said.

Cofounder and CEO Zac Duff said companies are shortening their sales cycles, lowering customer support costs, and reducing the transportation costs of physical products using the platform.

“JigSpace gives businesses a tool to demonstrate their products and in the best possible way and educate their customers on their key differentiators. Company-wide sales teams now have Jig on their iPads so they can quickly customise their product demos for each pitch. Jig is saving their sales teams hours of time,” he said.

Field Pickering from Vulpes said “it’s been incredible watching the JigSpace journey as it continues to perfect its technology and make important strides towards becoming the category defining leader globally for 3D and augmented reality presentations.”

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