Green hydrogen startup Hysata bags $24 million for electrolyser manufacturing plans

- August 17, 2023 2 MIN READ
Federal climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen with Hysata CEO Hysata at the launch of the company's new manufacturing plant in Wollongong
Federal climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen with Hysata CEO Hysata at the launch of the company's new manufacturing plant in Wollongong
NSW hydrogen technology startup Hysata has a $23.9 million war chest for its plans to transform the production of renewable energy thanks to the support of the Queensland and federal governments.

Hysata opened a new electrolyser manufacturing facility at Port Kembla, south of Sydney, this week with the federal government-backed Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announcing a $20.9 million grant from its Advancing Renewables Program to build a commercial demonstration unit in Queensland.

The state government-owned Stanwell Corporation is also chipping in $3 million towards the 5MW electrolyser project next to the Stanwell Power Station near Rockhampton, as well as the project site and facilities.

Hysata, founded in 2021, has designed a new kind of electrolyser, the component in an electrolysis cell used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, that is 20% more efficient than existing hydrogen production technology.

The challenge for green hydrogen is that electricity is the primary cost, both in terms of money and potential environmental impact, for production, so more efficient production is central to its success as a renewable energy alternative. Hysata has developed the world’s most efficient electrolysis cell.

CEO Dr Paul Barrett said the business already has a 9.4 gigawatt pipeline of signed conditional orders and letters of intent.

“Hysata’s new facility in Port Kembla signals the next phase of our scale-up journey. Our plan encompasses the construction of a 100 MW per annum production line, with commercial-scale units scheduled for delivery in 2025, including the 5 MW electrolyser unit for Stanwell’s project. And we will ramp up rapidly to giga scale capacity thereafter,” he said

“We are proud to be partnering with ARENA and Stanwell to deliver the first commercial demonstration of our electrolyser. It is the first step towards Hysata reaching gigawatt scale by 2026 to fulfil burgeoning demand for our electrolysers.

Federal climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen was at the opening of Hysata’s 8,000sqm HQ and manufacturing plant this week.

“We’re delighted to support game-changing, homegrown innovation that will power our future as a clean energy manufacturer and a renewable energy superpower,” he said.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the Queensland demonstration project is a crucial step to enabling purchase orders for the technology.

ARENA has been involved in this technology since it was just a concept in a laboratory, so we’re pleased to be supporting this next step toward commerciality,” he said.

“Hysata is a great example of Australian innovation leading the way in renewable energy. This electrolyser technology could be a game-changer for renewable hydrogen. The demonstration at Stanwell’s site will be key to unlocking commercial demand for Hysata’s product by proving the technology works at scale.”

Hysata was recently chosen as a finalist in the Startup Daily Best in Tech Awards with the 10 category winners to be announced in Sydney on September 6. Tickets for the awards night are on sale now.