Fresh Equities rebrands after raising $4 million

- May 1, 2023 2 MIN READ
Ben Williamson, Rhys Davies, InvestorHub
InvestorHub cofounders Ben Williamson and Rhys Davies.
Stakeholder engagement platform Fresh Equities has raised $4 million and is changing its name as it looks to improve public company communications with investors.

The round was led by Sydney VC EVP. The business has also rebranded as InvestorHub as it looks to expand into international markets such as the UK, Singapore, Canada and the US.

Under its old name, InvestorHub previously raised $2.3 million in August 2021 from a range of fintech founders, including Zip’s Larry Diamond and Adam Finger, and Wisr’s Anthony Nantes, with Archangel Ventures, and Flying Fox also on the cap table.

Ben Williamson and Rhys Davis cofounded Fresh Equities in 2017, to give investors access to opportunities in ASX -listed companies normally reserved for large funds.

Their latest raise will be used to ramp up the software’s capabilities so small-cap company execs can better understand and interact with investors.

Since launching as Fresh Amplify in July 2022, InvestorHub has grown its customer base to around 40 companies with market caps between $2 million and $6 billion, helping them engage more than 45,000 investors a month.

Williamson said that listed companies find it very difficult and expensive to communicate with everyone outside of their top 20 shareholders and institutions.

“The new InvestorHub brand better communicates exactly what we do — help public companies bridge the gap with investors,” he said.

“Retail investors account for up to 80% of the daily trades of any given company, so the fact that issuers don’t have the means of directly communicating with them is an insane imbalance in the marketplace one that InvestorHub is correcting.”

EVP partner Justin Lipman, Partner said that as specialist B2B SaaS investors, they are drawn to software products deeply ingrained in the workflow of their customer bases.

“InvestorHub’s software provides a clear example of this,” he said.

“The new funding, despite the current macro environment, will enable the team to continue its R&D investments in the space, look to overseas expansion and increase the size of its go-to-market team.”

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