Female founded ‘Dr Google’ alternative raises $10 million Seed round

- July 26, 2022 2 MIN READ
Human cofounders Kate Lambridis and Georgia Vidler
Sydney healthtech startup Human has raised $10.15 million in Seed funding.

The raise was led by Airtree Ventures, supported by Skip Capital, the family VC of Kim Jackson and her husband, Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar.

Human was cofounded by former Canva head of product Georgia Vidler and her colleague Kate Lambridis, who believe people need a simpler way to access medical information and research and real-time health data that could help is currently being lost.

They want their startup to learn from doctors, researchers and patients about which treatments work and will publish those findings on the platform for free to help doctors and patients build personalised treatment plans.

Vidler said more than half of the global population lives with a chronic condition today, causing unnecessary suffering.

“Both patients and doctors are constantly looking for new options — but the sheer volume of medical information out there makes it almost impossible for people to decipher what information is relevant, what is misinformation, which treatments work, and which are safe,” she said.

“Kate and I saw an opportunity to bring together our skills in designing great products and teams, to capture the world’s best medical information and get it into the hands of patients and doctors everywhere, in a personalised and data-driven way.”

In the six months since they launched Human, the duo have hired 18 staff and focused on building out their beta product.

Lambridis said they are building it alongside clinicians and scientists across the world who see the platform as a way to share their findings and research.

“We want to speed up science, and empower doctors and patients to make more data-driven decisions,” she said.

“With Human we’ll be consolidating and finding gaps in existing medical research — and more importantly, conducting our own research with mass data sets from doctors and patients. Science is ever-evolving, and we want to help drive medical breakthroughs at a much faster rate.”

Skip Capital principal Kim Jackson said Human has enormous potential for impact.

“Healthcare is not known to have great user experiences — and product-led thinking is what healthcare systems globally desperately need,” she said.

“That’s why we are incredibly excited to back Georgia and Kate to combine their expertise building simple and delightful products, with their ambition to democratise access to the best healthcare.”

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