Digital lock startup Smartlox banks $600,000 in Seed raise

- December 15, 2023 2 MIN READ
Brent Wijnberg
Smartlox general manager Brent Wijnberg
A startup digitising security with what’s known as a digital lockout tagout (LOTO) has raised $600,000 in its Seed round.

Smartlox is a cloud-based, real-time safety, security and smart access system that integrates with Nokē Bluetooth padlocks to increase the safety of frontline workers. It disrupts traditional lockout tagout practices through the use of electronic lockout devices and software-based lockout systems, streamlining the control of hazardous energy sources.

The startup was spun out of consulting firm A.I. LAMB in March 2022, and already has 40 customers globally in sectors such as mining, manufacturing and logistics in Australia, Africa, and the Americas, with clients such as Schneider Electric, Kinross Gold, and Ormat Technologies.

The Smartlox-Nyckel App

Smartlox general manager Brent Wijnberg their first extenal capital came from the founder of a world-leading personal protective equipment and industrial safety product supplier, as well as a mining services and technology organisation and those strategic investments will play a pivotal role in fuelling their growth initiatives at a time when heavy industries globally are embracing digital transformation and automation to enhance safety efficiency.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our seed funding round. It truly enables us to leverage the learnings from the last 18 months and shift into hyper-growth mode with a focus on sales and customer delivery,” he said.

“The funds will be allocated to accelerate growth and expand the capabilities of Smartlox’s solutions. Investments will target the enhancement of Sales and Customer Delivery Channels, and support the evolution of our product offering as we look to grow both locally in Australia and internationally with some of our blue-chip customers.

“We are grateful to be given the opportunity to drive the next phase of our growth and thank our investors for their continued support.”

Wijnberg said the popularity of the Smartlox Starter Packs has been a significant driver of the company’s success, providing customers as an accessible entry point to their products