Customer experience startup Upflowy raises $6.6 million

- February 22, 2022 2 MIN READ
Upflowy co-founders Alex Girard, Matthew Browne and Guillaume Ang. Photo: Hero Shot Photography
Sydney startup Upflowy has raised US$4 million (A$6.6 million) as the customer conversation platform looks to expand into the US market.

San Francisco VC Counterpart Ventures led the round in its first Australian-based deal. Pre-seed investors Tidal, Global Founders Capital, Black Nova and Antler doubled down on the two-year-old company, which emerged out of Antler’s 2020 accelerator program.

Upflowy helps marketers and other customer-facing businesspeople improve their online conversation rates with a no-code platform for more engaging sign-up and onboarding flows, and to optimise sales lead funnels using a drop and drag design system.

The fund are earmarked for US expansion, and adding to the local and US teams to up to 40+ full-time employees.

Co-founder and CEO Guillaume Ang said that 60% of the fresh capital will be spent on building out its platform capabilities via leveraging data science areas such as predictive personalisation.

Ang said businesses have been dependent on product-focused dev or engineering teams that neglect marketing, so Upflowy’s step-by-step data collection means the visualisation and understanding of customer drop off becomes a lot clearer on both mobile apps and websites.

“We are already active and tested on a global stage to provide the validation of our platform,” he said.

“A sign-up flow is often the first interaction a prospective customer has with a business, and we are the first to make it easy to create and take them live — improving the flow of information and ultimately ensuring prospects can be moved through the funnel in a smarter way.”

Counterpart Ventures co-founder Patrick Eggen said businesspeople need simple, no-code solutions that remove the friction between data collection and customer experience.

“The market is full of clunky solutions that rely on engineers to create web experiences, which inhibits testing and improvement,” he said.

“Upflowy is in the unique position to re-envision this market, enabling teams to create the web experiences that consumers need and demand. We are thrilled to partner with Guillaume and his team at Upflowy in the early innings of their journey.”

Dan Ross, the former APAC MD at Optimizely, is both an investor and advisor. He said Upflowy managed to solve an issue that nearly every company faces.

“There are currently no other tools on the market that give teams the ability to quickly create, test and iterate on full sign-up flows and feed data straight into any other platform, which are looking to convert visitors into customers,” he said.