Alice Anderson Fund backs wholesale marketplace Andisor in $1 million pre-Seed raise

- December 14, 2023 2 MIN READ
The Andisor team
Online wholesale marketplace Andisor has raised a $1M pre-Seed funding round.

The raise was backed by Antler, LaunchVic’s female founder-focused Alice Anderson fund, Jam Pad Investments, and several prominent retail operators and leaders.

Andisor emerged out of the Antler program in 2021, with founder and CEO Vandana Chaudhry, building a platform to connect enterprise-level buyers and sellers.

She describes it as like The Iconic but for B2B transactions, empowering bricks-and-mortar retailers to compete and excel in a market increasingly dominated by online giants.

“Retail is a high-stakes, fast-paced industry where precision in buying is crucial,” she said.

“Andisor addresses this by offering a lower-risk path for brands to penetrate the market, overcoming the constraints of limited resources and risk appetite.”

Chaudhry has extensive experience in global marketplaces, and that highlighted a universal challenge: the difficulty of forging meaningful B2B relationships. She was inspired by the transformative role of data at Deliveroo to empower retailers through data-driven partnerships.

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen businesses struggle to build impactful B2B relationships.Andisor is about creating win-win situations, driving success for both buyers and sellers,” she said.

Antler partner Cath Rogers said the retail sector has faced “formidable challenges” recently.

“Andisor has astutely responded to this by creating a platform that not only enables brands to boost their revenue from small and independent customers profitably but also offers these retailers a seamless platform to access and purchase from global brands,” she said.

“The depth of Andisor’s industry connections and the magnitude of the opportunity they present is truly exciting for us at Antler as their day zero investors.”

The funding will be used to advance Andisor’s analytics and segmentation tools, providing brands with actionable insights to manage merchandise production and supply/

Nicole Kleid, founder of Start Small Ventures said she’d seen Andisor’s global appeal as an advisor.

 “Andisor’s expansion plans are as bold as the partnerships it fosters, setting a new standard for B2B retail excellence,” she said.