Fintech Australia is on the hunt for fintechs to join its ecosystem map

- February 2, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
Photo: AdobeStock
FinTech Australia is building a new map detailing fintechs in the local ecosystem and is keen to hear from local startups.

The ecoystem map follows on from FinTech Australia’s regulatory and investor maps, and aims to provides a comprehensive overview of fintechs in the Australian market.

Fintechs can add their business to the map by registering their details at ecosystem.fintechaustralia.org.au

FinTech Australia Head of Strategic Partnerships Rehan D’Almeida said the map is free for all to use and the launch version of the map will mainly focus on the fintech industries’ major players.

“This map is another step in our mission to provide more resources for the fintech sector. This map can be used in conjunction with the Investor and Regulator Maps to create a rounded view of the ecosystem in Australia,” he said.

“Through creating Australia’s most comprehensive map of fintechs, we’re taking the burden of keeping a detailed contact book off of any stakeholders in the industry. Like our prior maps, we’ll be maintaining this resource but welcome any additions or edits from our members and community.”

The new map follows last September’s launch of the regulatory map and November’s launch of an investor map for the industry.