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EZiD is the tech startup that wants to help you get rid of login passwords forever

- December 8, 2021 2 MIN READ
EZiD co-founders Dhruv Tekchandani, Prashant Murali, and Jason Chee
In the tech-centric world we now live in, there aren’t many bigger hassles than trying to remember dozens of passwords for various sites and accounts.

This has become such an issue, that most platforms lose new customers due to the inconvenience of having to sign up to yet another site.

EZiD co-founders Prashant Murali, Dhruv Tekchandani and Jason Chee hope to address the issue by reinventing signup and login authentication with new password-less technology.

Co-founder and CEO Prashant Murali said his company is poised to make life easier for both users and website owners.

“EZiD offers passwordless authentication solutions for businesses so they can build better signup and login pages on their websites. Our first features will enable end-users to login simply by using biometrics on their laptop or phone,” Murali said.

“It solves the problem for the end-user as they don’t need to think of or remember passwords, which are inherently flawed and insecure. People tend to reuse passwords too from one site to another, making them a great target for attackers.”

There have been several challenges in building the business that the team has had to overcome given the technical nature of the project.

“Because we are in the authentication space, the security of our solution is very important. We had to pay a lot of attention to our build to ensure the quality of our product so that when we deploy, it is sound enough to be used on our customers’ public website.

“To date, we’ve interviewed more than 80 businesses and we have 11 businesses already signed on. Now, we’re focused on getting ready for our private beta launch.”

Murali said that partnering with Antler has been incredibly beneficial on a number of fronts.

“The Antler program is where my co-founders and I met. We not only have complementary skill sets that are needed to build this business, but we are all extremely passionate about the problem that we’re solving.

“And while funding has helped us kick-off and launch, the coaching that we have received from people who have done it before, and the network of other entrepreneurs in the program, has been incredibly helpful.”

Going forward, Murali hopes that with new forms of authentication and emerging technologies we’ll soon be able to say goodbye to passwords forever.

“Our vision is to eliminate passwords from every site on the internet,” he said.

“Hopefully, in five years time, people will be talking about how they used to use passwords back in the day.”


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