Everything IoT announces 11 startups pitching for trip to Tel Aviv

- October 11, 2016 3 MIN READ

Everything IoT has announced the 11 startups chosen to pitch their ideas at the annual Australian Summit this year. The winning startup will receive the opportunity to participate in the Everything IoT Global Leadership Summit in Tel Aviv next month.

The Everything IoT Summit is now in its second year and is part of a partnership with Israel’s Global IoT Summit, giving local startups the opportunity to showcase Australia’s innovative IoT solutions.

Eitan Bienstock, founder of Everything IoT said a good range of startups have been chosen working in various different industries. These startups range from workplace safety management to smart lighting systems and even a virtual shephard.

“We’re excited that we have chosen the Ocean’s Eleven,” said Bienstock. “We chose 11 companies that will be showcasing and pitching in the StarUp section of the conference where we’re looking for the best Australian innovation in IoT.”

The 11 startups will have three minutes to present their products and services to a panel of expert judges including the general manager of strategy, market vision and innovation at CSIRO, Dr. Elizabeth Eastland, cofounder of Blackbird Ventures, Bill Bartee, managing partner at AirTree Ventures, Craig Blair and CEO of MOQDigital, Nicki Page.

Of the 11 startups, one will receive sponsored flight tickets for a trip to Israel to present and participate in the IoT Israel Summit on November 14. Included in the trip will be a bespoke tour of Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem including its range of accelerators, incubators, mentors and homegrown startups.

Throughout the Everything IoT Summit corporates will be looking for startups that present synergies with their business models and will look to support them depending on the solutions they offer. A people’s choice award will also be given on the day to the audience favourite, which will also be invited on the trip.

Chris McLaren, partner at KPMG, and one of the sponsors of Everything IoT said “We are proud to support Everything IoT, which brings together industry startups, government, research and investors in a collaborative forum to advance the adoption and benefits of IoT in Australia.”

Bienstock said that for Australia to be successful an ongoing engagement with Israel, one of the world leaders in IoT is essential. “Collaboration between startups, entrepreneurs and multinational, industry leaders is now necessary more than ever.”

“Therefore, we are very pleased to announce the long term partnership with IoT Israel Summit and are looking forward to meaningful collaboration between the two ecosystems,” he added.

The 11 startups taking part in the Everything IoT Summit include:


Levaux– an enterprise IoT communications platform that has created a product called SenseAgent, a cloud-based intelligent system for commercial real estate. It uses wireless and autonomous sensor agents to interact with spaces to improve operational efficiency and productivity.


Reekoh– an IoT platform that integrates data from millions of devices with the largest collection of enterprise gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services.


SpaceConnect– is an office space management startup that uses Ambient Intelligence and iBeacons to help corporates better manage office space. It’s algorithm can predict future demand for space to ensure optimum levels of office space utilisation.


SkyGrid– provides software infrastructure for businesses to leverage IoT tech solutions. The startup looks after the back-end of IoT to help businesses deploy IoT solutions to enhance their field operations and enhance their asset management program.


Agersens– has created a world first eShepherd, a virtual shephard that enables farmers to fence, move and monitor their livestock using their smartphone or tablet. Farmers are able to automate controlled grazing of their livestock to increase scale, while cutting costs to improve farm profitability, productivity and sustainability.


Morse Micro– is a fabless semiconductor startup that develops silicon chips to will provide ultra-low power wireless internet connectivity to IoT devices.


Elanation– connects a virtual world community to outdoor sports equipment. Children use an avatar to access physical-digital games, competitions and inspiring video content. The startup is already working with the Australian Rugby Sevens and Cricket Australia.


The Safety Compass– provides frontline workers with real time, location specific workplace safety information through augmented reality and interactive site mapping. The startup presents information on present dangers straight to the worker’s phone, avoiding the necessity of safety manuals to locate and manage risk.


Briometrix– creates smart wearable eHealth devices and metrics for wheelchair users. The startup has developed a range of wearables that monitor wheelchair use, and what the user has learned to share the user’s rehabilitation data with their healthcare team.


Myriota– is a satellite communications platform that transmits small amounts of data at a low cost. The startup uses tiny low powered transmitters, small amounts of bandwidth, tiny low earth orbit satellites and clever signal processing software to transmit small amounts of data via satellite at previously unattainable prices.


Smartsensor– a smart waste management company that integrates IoT technology into bins around the country. Rubbish bin sensors communicate a bins location and fullness level to reduce both costs and collection.

Image: Everything IoT Smart Cities Forum. Source: Supplied.