The Pause Awards add 12 new categories for 2024

- May 20, 2024 2 MIN READ
George Hedon
Pause Awards founder George Hedon. Photo: Jess Middleton
The annual Pause Awards, which honour innovation and breakthroughs in the Australian tech and innovation ecosystem, have returned for 2024 with a dozen new categories to bring the total to 36.

Founder George Hedon said the focus for 2024 is on recognising breakthroughs—those pivotal moments when individuals and businesses discover better, more effective ways to operate.

“Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, boosting customer satisfaction, or transforming business models, Pause Awards celebrates clever and often simple ideas that spark significant change and create lasting impact,” he said.

“From groundbreaking tech to empowering social change, there’s a spot for every visionary.”

The awards are industry agnostic and are open to SMEs, startups, scaleups and large enterprises across five key themes: Culture (5 awards), Excellence (9 awards), Good (4), Growth (8) and Operators (10).

The new categories include:

  • Creative Maverick — for unstoppable leaders.

  • Quiet Achiever — for the unsung heroes.

  • Splash Down Under — for entering into the Australian market.

  • Always Evolving — for a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Ethical Leadership — for exemplary governance.

  • Collab — for mutual growth and innovation.

  • Going Global — for international growth and success.

  • Next Level — for scaling through acquisition or integration.

Hedon said that to address the gender pay gap and promote diversity, the Pause Awards will offer a 21.7% discount on entries for female founders and leaders, while past winners and judges enjoy an increased discount of 30% as a thank you for their ongoing support.

The awards are also embracing AI with the launch of NomiGPT, a chatbot powered by OpenAI ChatGPT version 4, to assist entrants with fast entry drafting and provide detailed category information and eligibility criteria to streamline the submission process.

There are also fortnightly online info sessions for entrants to seek guidance and clear any doubts about entering the awards.

Entries close on August 30 with the winners announced on December 2.

For more on the Pause Awards 2024 and to submit entries, see pauseawards.com or contact program founder George Hedon

Pause Awards 2024 is supported by WeMoney, Blackmagic Design, Creative Cubes, Social Change Centre, FinTech Australia, The Community Collective and The Startup Network.