Stone & Chalk’s partnership with UpRising is all about finding the next generation of innovators

- July 12, 2023 2 MIN READ
Scale-up space Stone & Chalk is joining forces with design student learning program UpRising to help unearth the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

“With rapid technological advancement, it’s paramount that we equip our next generation with skills that align with emerging industry demands,” said UpRising founder Richard Hainsworth.

This week, high school students will showcase their design projects in front of Stone & Chalk founders, mentors, and industry experts who will give advice and guidance for how to nail their end-of-year projects and advance into an innovation career.

The panel will then choose three programs to get exclusive one-on-one mentorship with Stone & Chalk scale-ups.

For the last three years, UpRising has tried to bridge the gap between students’ school-based knowledge and best industry practice.

At the start of each year, 50 design students are selected to share their projects in an online portal where they can get the feedback they need to succeed.

Some of the 2023 projects include a housing design for flood prone areas, an ergonomic keyboard, and a system for distributing free meals.

Stone & Chalk Group CEO Michael Bromley said this week’s event “will create a safe environment for students to gain insights into the startup scene, share their ideas for feedback, and ask questions”.

“They will also have the opportunity to establish industry contacts, opening doors to potential career opportunities, whether on a volunteer or internship basis,” he said

Bromley wants to see other sectors follow Stone & Chalk’s lead by providing ways to connect industry and education.

“We’ve taken our first step, now we invite everyone else to join us,” he said. “Together, we can construct an ecosystem that fosters innovation and position Australia to be at the forefront of the global digital economy.

“This is our shared vision, our shared responsibility. There has never been a more important time to make it our shared reality.”

UpRising’s program isn’t just about students, either. Its aim is to help teachers also understand industry’s needs.

“By connecting with industry leaders, educators can bring fresh perspectives into the classroom, ensuring their teachings are not just future proof, but are at the cutting edge of change,” Hainsworth said.

“At the same time, industry leaders can contribute to shaping education while gaining access to new, innovative minds.”