Innovation Bay’s Inspire conference is a who’s who of ANZ investment and startups

- April 8, 2024 2 MIN READ
Innovation Bay cofounders Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough.
Innovation Bay cofounders Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough.
Founder and investor network Innovation Bay is holding a two day conference,  Inspire, in Sydney next month to gaze into the crystal ball about what lies ahead for the startup ecosystem over the next 5-10 years.

Inspire, May 22-23, will feature founders, VCs and high net worth investors, as well as prominent sector leaders and inspiring innovators.

Innovation Bay CEO and cofounder Phaedon Stough said they wanted to create a confidential and intimate environment over the two days under the overarching theme ‘The Future is…’ to ignite ideas.

“Inspire 2024 offers attendee’s a rare view into the minds shaping our tomorrow.  Intimate and exclusive conversations from founders and investors who are building companies and products that are changing the world around us, will be sharing their unique views on the future,” he said.

“Inspire is not just an event – it’s a future-shaping and unparalleled journey into the heart of innovation, where we tap into the minds of some of the world’s most influential and innovative people for a crowd sourced collage of what tomorrow holds for our industry and indeed the world.

“The collective knowledge of our community holds an incredible amount of power and insight. With Inspire, we aim to open the floodgates of knowledge, and give attendees a look into a crystal ball, giving them tangible takeaways and an advantage over others to step into the future a whole lot wiser.”

The event takes its inspiration from Innovation Bay’s annual  future-focused event, The Globe, offering a blend of TED-style talks, inspiring keynotes, debates and collaborative breakouts. The majority of Inspire is held on one stage to encourage connection and synergy of Innovation Bay’s four distinct communities – early stage founders, later stage founders & CEOs, angel investors and VCs)

Those speaking include AirTree cofounder Craig Blair, on the Future of Venture Capital; BindiMaps founder & CEO, Anna Wright, on the Future is… Inclusive; Zepto CEO and cofounder Chris Jewell on the Future of Money; Lighter Capital’s Melissa Widner, on the Future of DEI; Nominal Systems CEO Chris Capon on the Future of Space; and 8seats founder Iain McDonald on the Future of Superhumans is…

There’s one small catch – Inspire is exclusively for Innovation Bay members. The apply for membership and attend this event, visit here for how.

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