Entries for the 2024 Startup Daily Best in Tech Awards close on June 10

- June 8, 2024 4 MIN READ
There are just a few days left to enter the 2nd annual Startup Daily Best in Tech Awards, with nominations closing this Monday, June 10 (the King’s birthday public holiday) at midnight.

The 2024 Best in Tech awards have seen the number of awards grow by 50% to 15, with each category’s finalists increasing from 3 to 4, doubling the total number of finalists from 30 to 60.

The new awards introduced this year are:
The AI gamechanger
Best startup event
Startup investor of the year
Future leader
The GSD Award – for someone who gets sh*t done.

The 2023 awards saw Wollongong-based green hydrogen startup Hysata named Startup of The Year. Last month Hysata announced a $172 million in a Series B raise.

Onvol’s Molly Fullee was recognised as Best New FounderEarlywork, won Best New Idea, and Professor Michael Biercuk’s quantum software startup Q-CTRL, took out Most innovative startup.

Other winners included LaunchVic CEO Dr Kate Cornick, who won the Change Champion award, this year, renamed Industry champion.

Five of the 10 awards were won by women and startups with female founders. You can read about all the 2023 winners here.

A panel of experts judges, including Dr Larry Marshall, Climate Salad’s Mick Liubinskas, Lauren Capelin from AWS Startups and Dr Elaine Stead from Main Sequence, will choose the finalists and winners. More about them here.

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner at The Ivy Ballroom in Sydney on Wednesday, September 4.

For the second year in a row Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the major sponsor of the 2024 Startup Daily Best in Tech Awards.

Tank Stream Labs is sponsoring the after party.

The awards are open to Australian and New Zealand tech startups founded here and Australian and New Zealand residents and citizens.

Enter here.

Here are the categories and criteria.

Startup of the year

This award recognises an all-round outstanding early stage startup that has demonstrated strong growth and leadership in creating a new way of doing business and market category.

The award is open to startups with less than 100 employees.

Scaleup of the year 

This award recognises an all-round outstanding unlisted scaleup company that has demonstrated strong growth on a range of metrics, including revenue, customers and employment, as well as leadership in its market. 

The category is open to businesses having completed a Series B raise and beyond. 

Most innovative startup 

This award recognises a startup that is changing the world for the better and rewriting the rules on innovation with bold ideas that solve major problems.

The judging will balance the clever use of technology with its impact, both current and future, for the startups nominated. 

Best startup culture 

This award recognises a startup for its workplace policies that has created an inclusive environment for all employees and celebrates their differences so everyone can achieve their full potential. 

Best regional startup 

This award specifically recognises an outstanding startup from a regional area outside of Australia’s state capitals. The winner will demonstrate strong growth, boldness in execution and express a clear vision for the region they live and work in and its growth. 

Industry champion 

This award is given to an individual, ranging from investors to founders and other industry leaders who has made a big impact on the startup ecosystem to improve things for all in a way that goes beyond a direct ROI for them. It recognises a selfless generosity to helping everyone succeed. 

Best sustainability startup 

This award recognises a business model making a positive impact on the environment and broader issues of sustainability. It is sector agnostic, but must demonstrate in a measurable way how it is improving life on earth with long-term thinking. 

Best new idea

This award recognises a startup that’s less than 2-years-old that’s making waves in its sector. It could be pre-revenue and pre-funding, but must set out a clear vision on how their idea will change the world for the better, and/or how it is already on the path to achieving that goal

Best technical leader 

This award recognises a CTO and/or other tech-focused leader as a key partner in the success of a startup. The judging looks for an exceptional approach to solving problems with the potential to change the way we live, alongside delivering innovation and value for the company and its customers.

Best new founder

This award recognises a first-time founder who is showing promise and making an impact in their industry. The winner will demonstrate a commitment to innovation with bold ideas, clever execution and a startup with the potential to change the world for the better. 

The AI gamechanger

This award recognises who artificial intelligence is transforming workflows, business operations, data analytics and the way we interact.

The winner will demonstrate a clear benefit across a broad spectrum in helping transform the world through the application of AI.

Best startup event

This award celebrates the startup and tech sector coming together in a way that is collaborative, productive and imaginative.

The winner will demonstrate how the occasion has benefited the startup sector across a range of fronts

Startup investor of the year

This award recognises the impact of capital on the success of startups.

It’s not about the size or volume of investments and will be judged with supporting statements from the startups backed about how the investor has assisted them in ways that go beyond funding. 

Future leader

Just as investors look for founders with a bold vision for the future, this award will recognise an individual our judges recognise as having the potential to be an important voice and advocate for the startup sector.

They can come from any part of tech and will be assessed on their early demonstrated leadership. 

The GSD award

Get Shit Done is an industry impact award for an organisation and/or individual honouring their contribution to the overall success of the tech ecosystem and track record in transforming things for the benefit of many.

It may be an industry or group, an accelerator, a startup or founder/s, investor/s or others who has assisted in making the sector thrive in any number of ways, from lobbying to policy setting, support, investment, philanthropy, culture setting and most importantly, just getting shit done (GSD).

For this particular award, the judges will be able to nominate people and/or organisations they believe are worthy of recognition. 

Enter award nominations here.